Monday, May 05, 2008

The Year of The Cougar

A few nights back, I was having a fat chat with my honey about…eish, well everything and nothing really, when I suddenly piped up, “Babe, am I a cougar?”.

This question had him in stitches, STITCHES!

After realising I was actually being serious he pointed out that cougar is not really a term I want to be calling myself in the not so distant future because, well, its not very nice, secondly it really applies to um, thirsty married women or divorcees between 30’s – 50’s (think Stifler’s mum) and, is supposedly more a cradle-snatcher than a cougar (haha, I could be splitting hairs here).

My honey happily pointed out that he was quite happy I had said cradle-snatching tendencies otherwise we wouldn’t have got back together in the first place (umm, before all your imaginations start running amuck, I will have you all know he’s only a few months younger than me, before you all start picturing me trawling the local all-boys prep schools for bait, lol).

Now, I would be lying through my teeth if I said that my lovely honey is an isolated incidence. You see, what started out as a few isolated cradle-snatching occurrences in varsity, became a bit of a pattern really. My friends were pretty perplexed as to my newfound interest in “younger men”…so was I really, it wasn’t (as I have constantly pointed out) a conscious decision…it just sorta, happened.

I was constantly teased & the butt of many a joke, seriously though, you’d think I was picking up children when in fact these were guys no more than two years younger than me.

Then came the Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher saga, and more recently Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon and all of a sudden cradle snatching is de rigueur and Hollywood is overrun with prowling cougars. This movement has now spilled over into normal society, judging by what I saw after this weekend’s partying.

What a relief, with social cougar-apartheid a thing of the past, there will be less teasing and eyebrow raising… well I hope so anyway, lol.


G-Mack said...

Hmm, this is interesting. I think that the whole notion of the older woman younger thing reveals a lot. Of course not all cases are the same, but if women mature faster than men, whats the attraction???

Interesting to think about no?

I may mean our ideas around relationships and whats important are changing.

Vimbai said...

The Laws of Attraction are always changing and evolving,which is a good thing, i believe it moves you closer to your "ideal".

The Age Factor isn't a good indicator of maturity, it doesn't necessarily factor in other aspects and exposures in life that would invariably cause someone to grow up and mature.

There are some 20 year olds walking this planet who have seen and dealt with more than some 35 year olds.

CAG Incognito said...

Oh please g-mack! Loosen the hell up! I'm with Vimbai! :-)

No seriously, young guys are hot and know how to...! But I must be honest Vim, I don't take younger guys seriously. However, if other older women do, to each is own. I say go Demi and ...okay the Mariah and Nick Cannon thing is a but perverted. lol

skc said...

Your pick up line should be "I am Vimbai, hear me roar" (not pur, not meow...roar!) :)

I have no opinion on the subject except to say that I have dated an older woman before, I was 26, she was 32. It didn't work out in the end but it certainly had it's "perks" I must say.

Vimbai said...

Cag: I wouldn't take most of the younger guys seriously, but there are a handful with some sort of credibility.

As for Mariah and Nick, for some reason i find that relationship harder to buy than Demi and Ashton's...mmmmh.

Skc: For the record, i have never used a pick up line in my life, hahaha.

No comment on aforementioned *ahem* perks! Lol

G-Mack said...

Isn't it a sad when one tries to question things about our lives and world that one is considered uptight.

What i waste of our brains!