Monday, May 12, 2008

Upgrade You Me

The Analogy: There i am, sitting in the back row of the economy class in a massive boeing 747 (destination unknown) while watching passengers seated around me get upgraded to first class.

It's a tough thing to endure, especially because i can hear the clinking of champagne glasses and the excited voices of people who were only sitting next to me a moment ago but now enjoying the benefits of life's upgrades.

As happy as i am for all of them, i can't help feel frustrated by the fact that it is all within my grasp, with only a blue cotton curtain and obnoxious airhostess (there's always a hater) standing between me and the place i believe i should be.

All i can wonder is, 'When's life gonna cut me a break?"

Half way through the flight, i have given up all hope of moving anywhere and have decided to make the most of my flight and catch a few zzz's until this ordeal is call over... when i hear my name being called out and see the once hater-airhostess now beckoning me towards the revered blue curtain.

I'm sceptical at first, shocked even, but do what every other person would do in this situation; bolt over to first class before anyone can change their mind.

The End

The Bottom-line: Things are looking up what with me about to start my new job and relocate to a new but familiar city. I feel like i'm in control again. Life has upgraded me, yay :-)


skc said...

Where to? You'll still be blogging tho right?

Vimbai said...

Blogging should continue (internet connection permitting - lol), something tells me i'll have a lot to write about with Jozi as my new muse :-)

skc said...

Oh, Jozi.

Welcome :)