Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Night Poetry VIII

To all the Mums',
those who are brand new to the club,
and those who are old hats,
those who are with us,
and those who have since passed on.

Happy Mother's Day

You are all greatly appreciated & loved.


Some Days, Mother
(extract: the last four verses)

Some days, mother
when i can find no meaning
even in your existence
when we quarrel and argue
and i really wish i never knew you
when i listen and look at you
and hope i'm not seeing my future
when some other searching
has fuelled rejection

Who else in the world
would just love me again without question?
Who else holds this feeling
that nothing i do can erase?
Who else is simply always there for my story?
Who else, mother? Who else?

Some days, mother,
when i go searching for this kind of loving, you're giving
when i go giving this kind of loving you're teaching
It's like trying to hold
the rainbow that drinks the river
It's like trying to hug
the moonlight that sits on the doorstep
It's like spinning around in circles
and challenging the sky to come falling

So mother, tell me
Who else knows the secret of this deeper loving?
Who else shares the miracle of such tender caring?
Who else is there that knows
of this unstinting supporting?
Who else, mother?
Who else?

Merle Collins


Joe Black said...

Lol darling, Sunday Night Poetry at eight in the morning.

Sha, the price increases? I'm in a state of shock.

Vimbai said...

Bra, i am making the most of blogger's new "scheduling" gizmo and decided to catch you early my defense, its already Sunday Night in Australia and those parts :-P

When are prices NOT increasing, i shudder to think what prices have go to...i use the price of Dandy bubblegum (i am obsessed with the Apricot flavour) as my price indicator, lol.