Monday, May 19, 2008

Last Victory Lap

Oooh, this was the last weekend home before my big move so it only meant sense to go big right, *ahem*.

Friday: Our first stop was, of course, a visit to the local watering hole. If you couldn't round up troops before leaving the house, without a doubt, ready and willing recruits for a night of debauchery could be found there. So predictable is the crowd there, that if ever a register was to be taken, the usual suspects would definitely appear on it...and i am gonna really miss that.

Cue Music: "Sometimes you wanna go, where everybody knows your name (dum, dum, dum). And they're always glad you came (dum dum dum)..."

The last stop of the night was this newish club that we wanted to try out! I had heard some many, not so great things about it, but decided to go and suss it out with the crew. Eish, i should have known that were there's smoke, you are usually gonna find a roaring bonfire. The music was messed up, the bartender was very good at ignoring you and...i am sad to admit, i think there were many working women in the club...actually, i know there were working women in the club coz i overhead a convo between a whole group of them, hehehe. If i am gonna look for positives, ummmm, well they had a huge roomy dancefloor...that sadly, noone was really dancing on, reinforcing my 'messed up music" theory.

Saturday: Twas a none-starter, watched some bad, bad made-for-tv-movies, i love watching poorly made movies, gives me a laugh. Oh and this is the night that me and girls decided to eat our body weight in pizza's...The Itis was a close friend all night long!

Sunday: Graced the inside of a church in what has been too long a hiatus, nice to know some things haven't changed tho. I was extremely excited with all the Shona hymns, they're just so less stuffy & more meaningful than the English ones.

Couldn't help giggling aloud though when after the service, when notices were being given, some church official issued a warning to the sullen youths who sit riiiiiiiiiiiight at the back that it is disrespectful to play cards during the prayer service. I mean honestly, i remember getting into trouble back in the day for playing tic-tac-toe during a service, but to out and out play cards, how cheeky, lol.

The afternoon was spent picnicking on the lawn at home, drinking and laughing with mates in some ultra great weather...i swear, the whole afternoon looked like a scene from one of those contrived Coca Cola adverts. Beautiful people, having a beautiful time and all and all.

I hate drawn out goodbyes, and so do my friends so we promised eachother no goodbyes but rather many "see you laters" instead. After all, i'm not moving to Alaska for goodness sakes, rather a few thousand km's south in the same time zone :-)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend!

skc said...

If only you were coming at a more peaceful time.

The situation in Jozi right now is pretty heartbreaking.

Vimbai said...

skinny; It was a lovely weekend, many a drink was drunk, lol.

Skc: I really wish the craziness would end too. Won't like, am scared sh*tless and getting extremely paranoid now, hahaha.