Friday, May 23, 2008

"I think a Change, will do you good."

So the transition across the Limpopo was seamless...well if you call the following activities "seamless";

- Being 25kg of excess luggage and trying to bat your eyelashes to the check-in but still to no avail and have to part with some very pretty notes *pout*;

- Sitting in front of 3 noisy brats all under the age of 6 years old who spent the majority of the time kicking my chair, feeling up my arm and screaming very, very loud.  

- Realise mid-flight that i am going to a country where its inhabitants are making it very, very clear they have no love for my countrymen through unspeakable acts of violence...*gulp*

- 30mins on new soil am chanting a mantra, "This is Home now, This is Home now" but can't shake off the overwhelming desire to go and catch next flight home; Am prepared to pick 1 million % inflation over the likelihood of getting lynched in the streets any day.  But suck it up, stiff upper lip and all that.

- Keep feeling like i am a girl from [insert small town of your choice] trying to make it in the big city...very cliche, but if they are gonna make a movie about me in the near future, i am open to Joy Bryant playing me, hehehe.

After 4 hours in new city/country, start chilling out and manage to come up with more pros than cons about my move (yes, i wrote a list)

I am ready to embrace the change, BRING IT!

Have a great weekend people,

V x


skc said...

Wow, and you're already blogging...that was quick.

Hope u like it here...mina I give myself 2 more years before I go back home for good (Zambia tho)

Anonymous said...

Wow Vim, I can sooooooo relate to this, having moved from Scotland to Australia.

You'll settle in in no time.


Vimbai said...

skc: I am still settling in, still feel like i am on holiday tho, lol. Heading home is always the final plan, but for now, being nomads of the world seems like a plan.

Skinny: How are you finding Oz? Warmer i bet, hehehe. So what does your accent sound like now? Pick up any inflections yet?