Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good: Go Chelsea!

Ah, nothing like having a few drinks with your mates while your team delivers a great big thumping to the opposition. The drink provided a little dutch courage seeing as we Chelsea supporters were kinda outnumbered last night in the keg, our cheering wasn't received very well judging by the dirty looks and sneering.

But who cares, we won *smug smile*

The Bad: Stuck in a 90's Time-warp

Picture the scene, the year was 1997...except, it wasn't.

I know i'd had a few drinks, but last i checked it was 2008. So why, oh why did everyone in the club i was in look like they'd just walked off the set of Beverly Hills 90210...the high school years (gentlemen complete with a Jason Priestly coiffed-do to add).

After watching the game, my mates and i stumbled into well known Rhodie hangout. It was the closest place for cheapish drinks, what with the keg having closed.

Like raisins in a sugar bowl we weaved our way in the crowed...we stood out for a variety of reasons, one being we wore new millenium type clothes (ah, it appeared the spaghetti strappy tops still lived on & thrived among the regulars in this place) and another being, we were clearly the only people who thought the music sucked!

How much do i hate 90's techno/trance dance music...let me count the ways! Ninety minutes later, i couldn't stand it anymore, i rallied the troops together and went off in search of greener pastures.

The Ugly: Pon da Replay

In the early am, we rocked up at a club we heard had free entry, being the cheapish characters that we were, it became our destination of choice.

I had fond memories of this club, especially music wise, so was fully confident that all would go well...ah, how wrong could i have been.

In the beginning, the DJ played a few popular tracks much to my delight! The crew and i hit the floor to unleash some moves...three tracks in, the DJ started messing up big time playing undanceable songs.

A mate of mine summed it up best when he said, "The DJ is playing music as though he's never danced before." After the DJ played a few more misses rather than hits, we decided to call it a night...or rather, an early morning!

PS Hope you all enjoyed a restful Worker's/May Day off (umm, those who get this day off anyway).

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