Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Death by Hot Chocolate

So after my cringe-worthy encounter with the coffee machine the other day i decided to give it another shot...except this time i decide to forgo the coffee and have some hot chocolate instead.

Four cups later, i realised that this was the beginning of a beautiful relationship...between me and the hot chocolate that is.  Sadly, if i keep this up i fear that the rest of me is gonna morph into chocolate too, lol.

In other news, the new job is going great (hot chocolate aside) and i have no complaints thus far.  Can't help but notice though that the guys in the department are a whole lot friendlier than the chicks, mmmh.  It's like the varsity version of the "Fresher Rush" or something, very very weird and oddly, flattering, lol.

Delayed Response: Grey's Anatomy finale sucked proverbial a*s.  Granted they had to put together a last minute ending what with the writer's strike looming but in January, but eish, it still sucked!

On the Random: Got tickets for SATC premiere tomorrow night, should be whole lot of fun!  I wish the trailer for the movie wasn't so....detailed.  I swear, the 30-second trailer seems to give away waaaaaaaaaaaay too much info about the flick.  I hate it when movie trailers do that.


Anonymous said...

Awww, that is great news that you are enjoying work babe.
It is always the case that chicks are a bit more stand-off-ish when there is a new female. They'll be feeling all threatened hehe.

As for hot choc, shit, that is my weakness too. I"m so glad there isn't a machine at my work which dispenses it. I'd be rolling out the door!


nyash said...

i want hot chocoloate now...mmmm...yum

Vimbai said...

Skinny: I swear, having ever ready hot chocolate is a blessing and a curse.

Nyash: Go and make sum ferret!