Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Waiting For Godot...

I hate being in Limbo, it sucks...its like being in The Matrix and everything is going super super slow. I feel like i am waiting for a thousand and one things to happen, for life to just continue!

*big sigh*

In the meantime i will have to find ways to distract myself from this purgatory i'm in. Feel free to suggest ways to pass my time, coz i'm all out of ideas at this point in time.

PS Happy Birthday Honey xoxoxoxox


Nyasha said...

decorate your sisters room and organise everything alphabetically, she'll love it.

skc said...

Finish a short story that begins with the words..."Well that was quick."

Vimbai said...

Nyash: You would like that wouldn't you...manje handidi, lol

Skc: Hahahaha, my mind literally leapt into the gutter when i thought about a short story starting with "Well that was quick", lol. but that sounds like a great exercise!