Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tselebrity Stalker of Sorts

About a month ago I got a random text message that went something like this, “Hi my name is X and I’ve been trying to get your number for six months and need to talk to you about some business related matters.”

Six months, if it takes you THAT long to get someone’s number then there’s something definitely up.

I didn’t recognise X’s name at all and replied asking where or from whom X had got my number and what “business” was he talking about. I really shouldn’t have replied, but curiosity got the better of me, but for future reference, Rule 1: Do not correspond with terrorists & would-be stalkers, it only leads them on.

A few minutes later, I got back a text from X saying he didn’t want to tell me his sources but still wanted to talk to me. At this point, I was unamused, stored stalker’s number under my phone as ‘Spooky Dude” and left it at that.

In the following weeks, I would get more random text messages like, “Sorry for not calling, I will get back to you at the end of the week.” Ummm, which part of , “Who gives a flying duck and back off!” does this man not understand, but still, I didn’t respond. I wasn’t about to spend good airtime on a loon anyway, lol.

Now imagine my surprise when this past weekend I picked up a copy of the local newspaper and saw the name of my would-be stalker in huge print, with a big a*s mug shot to go with! Turns out, my would be stalker is some local celebrity of sorts, although, that’s not saying much either (read: I’m not bovvered!).

I was weakened (more from convulsing into a fit of giggles), confused and concluded that this must be some sort of mix up or a prank at the very least? After all, I had no idea who the dude is (celebrity or otherwise) and I certainly have no “business” to conclude with him.

Now if i had been even semi-stalked by, lets say Tiger Woods, Jay Z or oh my, the stalker would definitely would have become the stalkee....*sigh* a girl can only dream, lol.

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