Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Night Poetry VI

I'm no animal activist, well not in the true, committed sense of the title. I'm a long ways away from frolicking in the buff in some anti-fur campaign or cycling 20,000km to help raise money to save some species.

I do agree however (after watching copious amounts of National Geographic channel), that all creatures great and small, cute and creepy (yes, even spiders) deserve to right to be treated compassionately, have the right to live and should under no circumstances should any part of them be made into accessories.


The Red Cockatoo

Sent as a present from Annam -
A red cockatoo.
Coloured like the peach-tree blossom,
Speaking with the speech of men.

And they did to it what is always done
To the learned and eloquent.
They took a cage with stout bars
And shut it up inside.

Po Chu (translated by Arthur Waley)


Anti-Slavery Movements

Some people say
Animal liberators are not
Working in the interest of animals.
But i've never seen liberated animals
Protest by going back to their place
Of captivity.
But then again
I've never heard of any liberated slaves
Begging for more humiliation
Or voting for slavery.

Animals vote with their feet
Or their wings
Or their fins.

Benjamin Zephaniah


I saw a jolly hunter

I saw a jolly hunter
With a jolly gun
Walking in the country
In the jolly sun.

In the jolly meadow
Sat a jolly hare.
Saw the jolly hunter.
Took jolly care.

Hunter jolly eager -
Sight of jolly prey.
Forgot gun pointing
Wrong jolly way.

Jolly hunter jolly head
Over heels gone.
Jolly old safety catch
Not jolly on.

Bang went the jolly gun.
Hunter jolly dead.
Jolly hare got clean away.
Jolly good, I said.

Charles Causley

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