Thursday, April 17, 2008

Scaredy Cat

Yesterday morning, my hairdresser and I were busy chatting about, well nothing really. She would grill me about the usual stuff she grills me about, “Why aren’t you married” and “Why don’t you come in more often to fix up your hair.”, both statements are always said with a very disapproving tone to them. I usually mumble back whatever my latest excuse is and then I’m off scott-free. However yesterday, the conversation took a turn for the supernatural somewhat.

She started telling me some OTHER ish of the supernatural kind that had been going on in her house, ie; doors slamming, someone moving around furniture, funny sounds etc. At this point I was positively squirming around in my chair, what she didn’t realise is that she was SO telling the wrong person this gwan.

I am the biggest Scaredy Cat you will EVER meet; I think the official term is a person who suffers from a Nervous Disposition. You couldn’t pay me enough to watch a horror flick ‘cause I will dream about it for months, and months to come. It doesn’t even need to be a horror, even suspense filled drama’s are enough to send me into palpitation overdrive.

I remember going to the movies to watch Sixth Sense with some mates back in varsity, I bought my ticket, walked in with everyone and sat down. Now if you ask me what the heck Sixth Sense is about, I will be only able to recite whatever wikipedia has to say about it because I didn't actually watch the movie….my eyes were closed tight and I had my fingers in my ears for all 90 minutes of it.

So when my hairdresser was busy divulging yesterday I was inwardly hyperventilating. So its no surprise that I hardly slept 4hrs last night and that every single creak and random noise had my imagination working overtime.

When it comes to movies, I will stick with my usual fluff-like selections and if in future, any of you feel the need to discuss anything to do with things that go bump in the night, just know right now;

I am not your girl!


Wazzie said...

Girl I hear u I still sleep with my light on - unless of course I am not sleeping alone.

Anonymous said...

Zvichapera zvese izvi....

Vimbai said...

Wazzie: bra, i have no idea how you can sleep with any light in a room tho. Even a little light is enough to keep me awake!

PS Is someone showing off about not sleeping alone, lol?

Anon: I hope so mate!

Ashley Ladd said...

Hugs. some things give me nightmares, too, but not as much as they used to.

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Vimbai said...

Ashley: Hey, thanks for dropping by! I haven't had a nightmare in years, its the being scared sh*tless bit that's keeping me up :-)

Aluguel: Thanks for the shoutout and good luck with your blog :-)

skc said...

Vimbai, Alugel is most likely a spam bot...irritating critters those.

Vimbai said...

That would break my heart if Alugel was indeed a spam least he/she's a polite, courteous one, lol.

But seriously, these blog spammers are really ticking me off!