Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"I am not my hair"

My preferred hairstyle in an ideal world would probably be no hair at all, No Mess, No Fuss. Seeing as I have neither the head shape nor nerve to go bald I am burdened with coming up with new and interesting ways of doing my hair.

Sadly, I lack effort in this arena because most often than not I’m not bovvered. The fact that I even bother to run a comb through my hair in the morning is more a form of common courtesy to all those who have to look at me during the day, lol.

Once in a while, however, I have been known to do something interesting with my hair that has not only turned out great, but that also puts me in a good mood for weeks on end.

My current hairstyle is not doing that. I’ve had it for all of seven days and all I know is, it has to go!

Last week, when I was telling you guys about how my hairdresser was regaling me with her spooky stories, I omitted to mention just why I was there. You see, I had got into my head that day that I was going put a long a*s hair weave into my hair. It’s hardly the first weave to grace my head, but it’s certainly the most troublesome.

Sometime during last Wednesday and today it morphed from glossing long locks to tangled mess, I feel like I am walking around with a dead cat on my head. Come tomorrow morning its definitely going to be a thing of the past, unfortunately, that now means I have to invest some creative energy…and money, in a new hairdo, boo!

As bad as it all sounds, its much better than uneven hair cut my dad gave me at the age of 7! I swear, I had the most uneven afro. To this day I still haven’t gotten a reasonable explanation as to why the heck he was cutting my hair in the first place, tsk tsk.

What have been your most unfortunate hairstyles in the past?


skc said...

Yeah, yeah...hair, glossing locks, creative energry, cool...I hear you and all that. But the more pertinent question is, of course, are those your lips??

Wazzie said...

Baldy locks and the three hairs - remember that? LOL!

Nyasha said...

heeee there are too many....but wat makes the bank is the curly perm i got in form 2, where i had to apply that "pink" lotion which made my hair STINK lol oh and lets not forget the bad cut that went with it...eeeee i think that one takes the cup

Vimbai said...

skc: lol, my lips? Nope, i was definitely talking about my hair here :-)

wazzie: sha, why are you reminding of that OTHER hair disaster! I have had more misses than hits, hair-wise anyway.

nyash: OOooh, the curly perm! An early 90's throwback! As for the hair lotion, siss man, i can still smell it, lol.

Vimbai said...

skc: Oooooh, finally clicked! Nope those aren't my lips, image was courtesy of google. But if you know any lip gloss that can make my lips look like that, bring it!

Lolo said...

I've had braids done last Saturday and they have been falling off since. I think its bad hair week. I think my hairdresser wasnt in a good mood...would love to see your hair chick!

Vimbai said...

Lolo, if i was you i would be super ticked off!I suggest you have some words with your hairdresser!

PS Trust me, you don't want to see my hair!

G-Mack said...

Ahem, you know how i feel about your hair my dear. In order to save those glossy locks you ned to wear a doek! lol...aaaaahh, now i have images of you first thing in the morning my nunu, those memories will never fade! aaahahahahah

Vimbai said...

G: Is that how doek is spelt or is it dhuku, hameno! I'll have you know, i look fabulous first thing in the morning, bed-head and all :-)