Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Censorship: All or Nothing?

I'm pretty vocal about my current love for Lil Wayne's track, "Lollipop". It has the most infectious beat and you can just picture yourself dancing to it while its blaring in the club.

Lyric-wise however, i will be the first to admit that it's the most ill-disguised ode to bl*w jobs ever written and is definitely not age appropriate or for sensitive listeners.

So why, oh why, does MTV Base (which for some unrealistic reason is Family rated) on playing this track with the majority of the lyrics all edited out so it sounds like Lil Wayne has a major case of the hiccups?

What kills me though is that although most of the words are edited out in the video, there are plenty of scantily clad women and non-family-friendly hand gestures being made to leave no doubt in the viewer's mind as to what the song is really about. How come all that wasn't edited out?

Censoring anything is very dicey busy, some people argue that it takes away an individual's freedom of speech. There's also the matter that you can't really go half & half when censoring anything. And of course, the age old question, when the censoring begins when does it actually end?

Either play the whole song or just forget it (the edited version sounds so bitty)...unless Lil Wayne can be persuaded to record a "clean" version of the song to play on these so-called Family-rated channels :-)


skc said...

Funny, I know all about this song but have absolutely zero interest in actually hearing it.

I have nothing against blow jobs (quite the contrary in fact), but I like my hiphop with a little more tact these days.

I'm old :(

Vimbai said...

Tactful rappers...isn't that an oxymoron, lol. Sadly, there is very little chivalry in hip hop. Peeps like Lupe (who i love) and Talib are few and far between.

But there's a time and a place for conscious rap, and generally the time and the place is not 11pm on a Friday night in your trendiest club.

skc said...

Well, I actually hate "conscious rap" lol. I think it's pretty pretentious for the most part. But to illustrate my point, I remember telling a friend that Jay-Z hasn't written a misogynistic song since 2001. He refused to believe it until we sat and analyzed nearly 6 years worth of songs.

I won.

So I'll wait for Lil Weezy to grow up first (the same way Jigga has) before I lend him my ear, coz he's definitely talented.

Vimbai said...

Mmmmh, i had to give that one a little think but you are correct, JayZ turned over a leaf somewhere along the way, i like to think its coz of my girl B tho more than anything else, hahaha.