Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Auf Wiedersehen is the hardest word

Seriously though, "Auf Wiedersehen" is the hardest word... to say...and spell! Can someone give me the phonetics so i can at least pronounce it semi-perfectly, like ze Germans, lol. I listen to Heidi Klum say it every time she boots off a contestant on Project Runway, but it never sticks in my head long enough.

Anywho, i digress! Today in T-minus, 40 minutes (shoot, i have to write this post pretty fast then) a very good mate of mine is relocating and joining the masses of diasporans out there!

I am very sad (obviously for selfish reasons) but more often than not, i am happy for her :-) Without getting too mushy, she's been my rock through the bad times and my partner in crime during the good times.

She will be sorely, sorely missed *sniff sniff*

I will miss you a lot hun, but expect lots of emails to more than make up for it!

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