Monday, March 24, 2008

"Who wants a Clean House Closet?"

Wow, Easter has come and gone and there is still a whole day left in which to recover...although, it has come to my attention that a lot of countries out there don't have Easter Monday off.

To these poor, unfortunate souls..."Chin-up losers!", lol.

I can't believe that Easter is over and i didn't get to consume a chocolate Easter bunny! Tsk tsk, that doesn't seem right. I guess i made up for it somewhat by consuming my weight in hot cross buns (lurve those buns).

Over the long weekend, between the religious meditation (*ahem*) and get togethers, i got the lovely ideas to flog off a lot of my clothes. Sadly, i can't credit the idea as solely mine, i got it from a show i am currently obsessed with called, "Clean House." The basic premise of the show is a crew go in and help some family who live in a clutter etc They have a yardsale to sell off some of the stuff thats sell-able (mmmh, not sure if that's a word) and salvageable to make money to buy this family some new stuff.

My closet was filled to brim with clothes that were waiting for occasions that were yet to happen, stuff that i had never ever worn and stuff that i couldn't fit (i have inherited a pair of hips i didn't have 2 years ago) and shoes that had yet to leave the confines of my room. So i invited some of my girl friends come over to come and pick whatever they wanted (at a price though, hehehe) whilst we distracted the guys by letting them watch the game in the next room, "Go United & Chelsea!".

I managed to part with some pretty lovely pieces *sigh*, but in return i got me some cash, "Dollar, Dollar Bill y'all", so it all worked out in the end :-)

An added bonus is that i got to follow-through with one, if not the only New Year's Resolution i made, to stop getting attached to inanimate objects.


Wazzie said...

Erm theres a guess top with my name on it

Vimbai said...

No worries, i stashed it somewhere for you :-)

W said...

mwah x