Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

Whitney Houston once sang belted out those very words, and as yet, I know of no answer to that particular question.

Although, my guess is anywhere where they’re serving alcohol ;-)

A great mate of mine just split with her significant other and it sucks ‘cause I know there’s no quick fix-it solution to getting over a break-up*, no matter what Oprah says! It’s also the most crap thing to watch helplessly while someone is hurting so bad and all you can think up are those terrible cliché’s like, “Time heals all wounds” or “You must know the Dark to appreciate the Light.” However, with all the clichés swimming around your head, all you end up saying is, “I’m so sorry.”

This whole situation got me thinking about all the break-ups I’d been through. It really doesn’t matter whether you are on the receiving end of it, or the one delivering the “it’s over” speech, it just all sucks. However, I have taken away a 3 lessons from break ups.

Lesson 1: There’s Nothing Like a Dramatic (Non-Violent) Finish!

After putting up with a lot of rubbish from now-ex (oh, the stupidity of youth), the tension had built up to what was meant to be a showdown. But I honestly had wasted too much time and energy on this fool, I looked him square in the eye and declared, “Let’s just call it a day” and stalked out of the room, slamming the door behind me. My sources indicate he’s still bewildered by this event, many years on :-)

Lesson 2: Break Ups should NEVER talk place in public areas

Raised voices, loud sobbing, frantic gestures…enough said, let’s keep it behind closed doors people.

Lesson 3: There’s no such thing as “Good Timing” for such things

I had an ex finish with me on a day I was as sick as a dog with some crazy flu, miserable from fighting with a sibling, an emotional wreck because stupidly I’d decided to console myself by watching “Steel Magnolias” on that day (crikey, now that’s a tear jerker of a flick!), by the time he had finished with me, I was like Allure, “All Cried Out.”

To my lovely friend who is hurting like crazy right now, sadly all I can offer you are a handful of clichés, a huge hug, a box of Kleenex and a lot of alcohol*…a real lot. Sadly, some of Life’s tutorials are some hard lessons, but you have to take it all in your stride.

My Disclaimer: Alcohol only numbs the pain. It does not provide any answers or solutions to your predicament, but if you are lucky, for a few glorious hours you will forget your troubles…and quite possibly your name :-)

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