Friday, March 28, 2008

POLL Position

The day of reckoning arrives tomorrow in my lovely country in the form of Elections. Off to polls my countrymen and I will go to cast off ballots and be marked with indelible ink (nothing gets this stuff off, it lingers for days and days!). My guess is that everyone will be wondering the same thing: That come Monday morning, will there be more of the same or something different (good different that is)?

We will wait with bated breath to hear what results. In the meantime however, I have composed a little ditty to mark this very important day *clearing my throat*;

“Hi-ho, Hi-ho,
It’s off to vote we go,
With determination and grit and a ballot slip,
Hi-ho, Hi-ho, Hi-ho.”

Mmmh, not my best work, but it will do :-)

Seriously though, all I ask is that everything goes peacefully; no matter the outcome and that Kenya-esque riots and the like do not ensue, for everyone’s sakes.

God Bless Zimbabwe and all her people!


On a random side note: I would like to give all unborn children thinking of making their grand entrance’s into the world, more specifically this country, come this Saturday a general heads up!

Given previous trends during prior voting days, it’s a well-known fact that Zimbabwean babies born on the day of voting have a high (read: VERY high) likelihood of being unwillingly dubbed with the following names by their loving, yet highly excitable parents:

1) Vote
2) Election
3) Candidate
4) Poll
5) Democracy/Democratic
6) Tally
7) Freedom/Free
8) Obama (there’s always a wildcard in there somewhere)

Don’t say you weren’t duly warned :-)

Have a fantastic and stress-free weekend everyone!

V x


Anonymous said...

Who has you vote? come on, tell us!

Vimbai said...

Nice try, but i ain't telling!

Don't believe a word I write said...

Thinking of you, my neighbour and wishing Zimbabwe a peaceful election process.

Re the naming of babies...I am sure a goodly number of infants will be called "Morgan" and "Simba" too, though "Vote" is a particularly delightful alternative.

Vimbai said...

Thank you dear neighbour from the South, much appreciated!

Well Simba is a popular name amongst boys anyway, the name Morgan will see some marked rise in popularity...however, i still have my money on "Vote" coming out tops, lol

Lolo said...

don't forget baby names like Change, Sovereignty and Ivhukuvanhu

Vimbai said...

How could i forget such gems! They usually have report like a few days after elections about babies born on voting day around the country and their names.

Will be sure to scan and post it up if i get my hands on it!

Vimbai said...

Okay, so i didnt see anything in the paper...but according to the Forward going around, these are the names some poor child out there is gonna carry around for the rest of his/her life.

Ballotpaper Kunonga
Runoff Moyo
Senatorial Chirumhanzu
Candidate Pote
Independent Mposa
Rigging Hamadzipiri
Foreign Observer Chimunda
Neck-and-neck Nyamadzawo
Fifty-Three Percentage Ndlondlo
Polling Station Nhamoninesu
Ruralstronghold Khaliyathi
Free and Fair Pazavakavambwa
Rerun Mombeshora