Thursday, March 20, 2008

Half An Easter Miracle

When one (ie Me) decides to launch an attack against Technology, lets just say, we all know who'll be losing that battle.

If it wasn't for my current commitment to all things Zen, the last few days would have seen a whole lot of hair pulling, cursing and just general tantrums. Extraordinarily, i have managed to keep it together somewhat, and have been rewarded by The Powers That Be with the privilege of regaining access to my blog = My Half An Easter Miracle.

A Full Easter Miracle, would constitute me being able to access everything else! So excuse me for the erratic blog posting in general until i receive the Full Miracle.

I am looking forward to the long weekend to catch up with friends and generally engage in a lot of consuming of alcohol, although truth be told, being the lightweight i am...that would probably constitute 2 glasses of something. Yes, i know, very pathetic...what can one do!

I will also work in some reflection, contriteness and forgiveness into the weekend to, after all, that's what Easter is all about (and y'all thought it was about the chocolate Easter eggs, lol).

At the risk of sounding redundant, i wish you all a Happy Easter...again.

V x

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