Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Are Weddings the new Black?

What the heck is in the water this year?

Everywhere i turn it seems someone is announcing they're getting hitched, are engaged or have proposed. The frequency of such announcements has increased at least tenfold and sadly it has nothing to do with it being a leap year.

This flurry of activity is more a sign of the times...the aging times to be exact. It's another milestone in this journey we call life and acts a reminder that we've all come a long way from losing our milk teeth (a previous milestone).

If my calculations are anything to go by, by June of this year, the ratios will be slowly tilting in favour of the "smug marrieds" and those of us not planning on waltzing down the aisle anytime soon, will be treated like second rate citizens and forced to make ourselves distinguishable in some way to alert all those around us to our unmarried status *cue dimmed lights and loud crashing sounds of cymbals*

Okay, i exaggerate a little, but you get my drift here. It's a lot for a girl to take in, hehehe.

I'm a huge fan of weddings, who isn't a fan of big parties? It's the marriage bit that I've got mixed feelings about. Once again, the stats seem not to favour the happily-ever-after endings, the fact that i seem to know more and more Under-30 divorce(e)s sadly backs up the bleakness of it all.

However, when i do get a phone call or email from a mate or a relative notifying me of their plans to get hitched, i throw all statistics to the wind and rally behind them 100% and pray that their union isn't a passing fad (like being the new black) but is a timeless classic, that never gets outdated!


skc said...

Marriage is overrated.

I'm hoping one day I'll be able to use the words of a Jagged Edge song (Lets Get Married) that goes..."We ain't gettin no younger, girl, we might as well do this"

That would sweep any maiden off her feet, no?

Vimbai said...

Clearly you are a man! Coz those lines wouldn't work on any maiden :-) I love the beat on that track, asi the lyrics, comment.

As overrated as it all is, i still wanna wear a white dress and have a big ole party with plenty of gifts - that ain't asking much, is it?

Hadassah said...

LOL @ you saying asi....

True i have seen a fad esp from African couples who move this side most of them end up in divorce, most of them are people who r married with people kumusha and come back here alone and you wonder y the heck they got married.

Vimbai said...

Unfortunately, the sad tales of Disporan Divorcees have not escaped my attention!

Some stories are just downright disheartening…eish, hameno mate.

PS Thanks for stopping by :-)