Monday, February 25, 2008

You - Unedited & Uncensored

This past weekend some of my mates and I were grabbing some food when I got that distinct feeling that someone was staring at me. And sure enough, I looked up locked eyes with a balding male in his early 40’s sitting on the table across from us. I didn’t recognise the bloke and wrote it off in my head as someone who was hoping to get lucky on a Saturday afternoon.

Thing is, I thought he would get the general idea himself that I wasn’t interested but when I looked up, he was still doing the staring, unblinking thing which was now just downright spooky and unnerving. I was now determined to not look his way so he would get the idea.

A few minutes later, one of my girl friends was now whispering to the rest of the table that that very same dude was not only staring hard but also winking so to. The guys on my table found this hilarious, us girls weren’t impressed.

It was only when the balding guy and his friends got up to leave the restaurant (and balding guy literally stood right by our table for 30 seconds…just staring) that one of my guy mates finally looked up and clocked a good look at our newly acquired stalker.

My mate then explained he knew the guy and that he was acting weird coz a few years ago he was involved in some crazy accident that messed up his frontal brain lobe (or something to that effect) so now he went through life pretty unedited and uncensored, so if he saw a chick he found attractive he didn’t think twice of letting her know just how he felt whether or not it made the female uncomfortable or that it was inappropriate. He was also known for saying exactly what he felt like to those around him, which made him pretty unpopular, especially if his “condition” wasn’t explained in advance!

This got me thinking.

Our lives are pretty much dictated and revolved around social courtesies, niceties and pretenses. We’ve been taught not to speak our minds in case we insult those around us; so our individual feelings of anger and frustration are suppressed at the cost of appeasing the greater good.

Nevertheless, there are those who would also argue that social protocol has its place too, it’s what separates us from the animals or our historic predecessors, or we’d be back in caveman days where guys wouldn’t think twice before knocking a pretty girl over the head in order to sneak off to do God-knows-what with her.

Just imagine if you spent one day, unedited & uncensored, what kind of conversations would take place;

Boss: So do you mind working overtime on that report today, I know it’s short notice but you can take one for the team right?
Employee: &^%* @$!% %!@!@ *$#$#!

Chick to her Bloke: “How do I look in these jeans, now be honest.”
Bloke: “Like a beached whale…but hey, that’s just my opinion.”

I have no idea why honesty (no matter how sincerely & sweetly conveyed) eventually ends up creating a situation based on conflict ? How can such a positive attribute turn ugly, so quickly, when applied to most situations? Human beings don’t seem to appreciate the truth; we would rather hear/believe what we want to hear/believe or a remixed, sugarcoated version of the story.

As Jack Nicholson’s character in A Few Good Men said, “You can’t handle the Truth.”

Let me know what y'all think?


W said...

I am generally uncensored - unless I know the person on the receiving end just cant handle it. Truth be told saying it like it is - sooooo much easier.

Vimbai said...

W: Most people on the other end don't handle the truth. As soon as you have said your piece, you must duck coz of the sharp flying objects headed your way, hehehe.

I think its harder to tell the truth thats why people resort to skirting around it!