Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Those who live in Glass Houses shouldn’t throw Stones

Tsk tsk,

It seems there are those in the blogging world who are speaking ill of me and those of my ilk. Quite frankly, I am a bit puzzled, you see….i never claimed I would be writing some awe-defying passages in my blog, if my memory serves me correct (and I must warn you, most of time it does), I specifically wrote in my blog profile that:

“this blog is for venting purposes and is a place where i can release pent-up creative energy. So expect a lot of random blog posts.”

I did not promise monolithic diatribes regarding the current state of my country and all events relating to it. If you want to hear how many times the power has been cut this week, how long the water has gone for, how much food costs, be sure to drop me a line, and I will make available my personal statistics as soon as I can.

You see, my blog is a form of escapism, a place were I get to say what I want and do what I want. It’s a place were I just get to be a regular twenty-something year old whose life is NOT bogged down or dictated by the perils of one’s present circumstance.

What confuses me the most is that those who seem to have a lot to say, have blogs similar to mine, content-wise that is – The pot calling the kettle black and all that jazz.

Bottom Line: If my blog offends you/irritates you /gives you suicidal thoughts at any point in time…close the browser window, take a big deep breath and you’re set for life, you never have to see my blog again.

To everyone else who visits my blog and has yet to feel nauseous when doing so, thanks and feel free to drop a line or a comment any time.

V x


Anonymous said...

Look, I don't know who this wanker is who has shown how little he has to do with his time by attacking your blogging and I especially don't know who the bloody hell died and made him Worthy Keeper of Blog Content.

Hanzi unyore chiyii?? You're not on his payroll. You don't work at The Herald. You're not Chief Editor of Fingaz. You're not a freaking international election observer, and you have ABSOLUTELY NO obligation whatsoever to write about matters pertaining to Zim's political and economic woes. Kana achida kuziva, ngaa kwire ndege aende kuno zvionera ega.

One's blog is their personal memoir space, and by definition, that pretty much means that a blogger is absolutely at liberty to include any information on it they choose as avenue of personal expression. Like-wise, they can exclude whatever substance they don't feel particularly tickled to go on about. And they don't need to explain to anybody why they've done so. What you write on vimfromzim.blogspot.com, is completely VimFromZim's business, and ONLY VimFromZim's business.

Plenty of people log on to this journal and delight as they read through the next few pages of the latest chapter of the edge-of-the-seat thriller that is Vim's life. We are quite happy with the content we read, and thumbs up to you Vim. You are doing it your way, and we are liking it.

If somebody else, however, dislikes the content, they are more than welcome NOT to log on.

Tune the owne kuti kana a svotwa, ngaa rutse!

Nhai a'mana.

Ruby said...

so who insulted our little vim??

Anonimas said...

Hah? Anonymous waita kunonzi kudya bhachi chaiko. Kuvava seghuru rine ivhu... haiwa ndaku bhigha !!
Vimbai despair not - you are so right; it is your blog - ita madiro. Asingadi kuverenga i am certain they know what to do. isusu who like it also know what to do...saka munhu wese anotongogona kuita hepi hepi ipapa.

Vimbai said...

Anonymous: Damn, paita support nelove panapa :-) Thanks dhiya!

Ruby: I'd rather not name names, but i hope its the last i hear of them :-)

Anonimas: Firstly, i love your remix of the word, "anonymous"! Ingenius! Thanks for the support :-)

Anonymous said...

Anonimas: Fantastic...You've dropped some classics I simply haven't for ages - Kudya bhachi hehehehe, kuvava se guru rine ivhu hahahahahaha

Vimbai: Hona wave kundifumura manje. You can't reveal my secret identity!

Asingadi kuzivikanwa said...

anoda zvepolitics kaande ku new zimbabwe, isu vamwe tinozviloova zvaVimbi isu...so keep it up gal!

Joe Black said...

Let me at 'em ... come on, let loose the dogs of war :-)

Ti said...

Yo Vim, dont worry about that fool. Just KEEP IT PIMPING..

Vee said...


We love your blog chisikana... ignore the haterz

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Ok...I'm not following some of the comments due to the lang I just do not get :-)

We'll beat this little blogger up! Don't worry Vim!! I don't know how people get off thinking they are better than anyone else and can pass judgement! It annoys the shit out of me!!

Vimbai said...

Hela, i am really feeling the love today! Great to have so many great people in my corner, if i ever have to go all "crips & bloods" on them haterz, i'll call you guys up for some drive-by blogosphere anarchy :-)

Champagne Heathen said...

Vim, I consider it this way - that it is so easy to comment from the sidelines. Be the prick shouting from the stands. Cause they subconsciously know they'd fail miserably if they had to actually get onto the field.

It is easy to comment and critique others about living life so openly. Blogging sometimes is about practicing writing. Getting thoughts out there, and getting support back. And sometimes just about enlightening others to your skeletons, in the hope they can learn from your life lessons too. It is damn hard to live life openly, but it is wonderful to know you are.

Vimbai said...

Champers: Its really hard to live your life so openly and criticism is part and parcel of doing so i guess, but eish, i could do without bits of it (the bad bits that is, hahaha)

Anonymous said...

a HATER IS BORN EVERY 5 MINUTES!! if i catch that hater messing with my sister, or anybody who knows my sister, or anybody who knows anybody who knows my sister im gonna rain on them like a GEORGIA THUNDERSTORM!!!!
do your thang lola, LONG LIVES VIMBI'S BLOG!!!

Vimbai said...

Aaaah, Ferret to the rescue, thanks love!