Monday, February 04, 2008

"Shine Your Heavenly Body Tonight"

Thanks to W reminding me of some cringe-worthy childhood memory, i now have Madonna's "Immaculate Collection" running through my head. At the moment i have, "Lucky Star" but i have a feeling that its going to be quickly replaced by, "Cherish" in....well, now!

So, i am STILL trying to leave my ex-place of employment, last Thursday was my official day but i clearly underestimated the paper work and all manner of signing-off so here i am today, hopefully for the last time.

I am kind of happy to go for many reasons but there are two things i will miss the most, my mates and my laptop...especially the laptop. Nina (my laptop) and i have been through a lot together...crazy viruses, dodgy batteries, ah the memories my friends the memories. I have done 95% of my blogging on Nina so excuse while i sniffle into my kleenex and reminisce.

Sadly the end is nigh, and i WILL (yes, this is me convincing myself) hand her in before management starts noticing my shady behaviour.

The weekend was aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaite. Nothing like being plunged into darkness for two days to get that party spirit going..umm, not. My sleep debt is currently falling into credit (eish, i'm not sure if i used this expression properly, i was always shyte at accounts, i even attempted to play poker by myself to pass the time...yah, it was tight!

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