Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Psychosomatic,addict, insane"

My subconscious is renowned for throwing the most random stuff into my dreams! If I break down the dream into its parts, I can understand where I got the references from, but when it’s all mish-mashed together into the sum of these parts, it’s just downright ridiculous!

Last nights dream had me rolling over this morning proclaiming to no one in particular, “WTF?”

*Big gulp*

I dreamt that I was at a Celine Dion concert (???) having an in-depth conversation with a girl, who I’d last spoken to or seen in junior school, about how Celine’s “Falling Into You” album was the best ever (????). This coupled with the fact that I was seated in a lecture theatre that looked uncannily like Leslie 2D from varsity days, eavesdropping on some conversation going on behind me about how David “The Hoff” Hasslehoff was the guy providing the lifts that evening for everyone to get home.

There was more, but I think that’s enough to illustrate why drugs and alcohol are not necessary in my life when on a sober day, my mind can come up with ish like that!

Now to pose a random questions to you, the readers, “Can you ever be too old to learn a new trick/skill.” You see, I am mustering the courage to take a trip to my neighbour’s (who I’ve never spoken to) to ask for piano lessons. It’s on my Things To Do before I Kick the Bucket list, but I’m kind of nervous I’ll suck, hahaha.


W said...

From what I heard of his playing - take a very deep breathe!!

G-Mack said...

Nunu- did you have any of the following fluids before bed;
a)Mazoe in any flavour
b)Fizzy drinks, particularly Cream soda!


Its never to late my darling, you can play and i will sing!

Vimbai said...

W: I have no idea what you were hearing, but all i hear are the sweet melodic sounds of the classics being pounded out on a baby grand!

GMack: I consumed none of that, i am innocent, innocent i say!

Joe Black said...

I'm listening to a song called "The girl can't help it" by Little Richard and I just thought of you :-)

Oh yeah, it's also the riff that Fergie Ferg stole stole for her clumsy song.

Don't believe a word I write said...

From the above comments, I would assume that your neighbour can at least play the piano, if not teach it? Your blog post did not make this clear, which made me laugh as I pictured you (not that I have any idea what you look like)going up to some arbitrary neighbour to request music lessons.

Vimbai said...

Joe: Ende wandifunga nhasi :-) Funnily enough, i really, really like that Fergie song! I will look up the Little Richard lyrics!

DBAWIW: But thats the thing, it is some arbitrary neighbour...i have never spoken to woman let alone seen her. All i hear is her beautiful playing when i am on the bog (Yes, TMI, i know, lol)

skc said...

Many a sappy pre-pubescent coming of age love story begin with an inquisitive girl asking for piano lessons from her darkly eccentric neighbor.

You've been warned.

Vimbai said...

skc: Flattered as i am, i have to point out one thing...I can hardly be called pre-pubscent altho i'll always be 17yrs old at heart.

I've taken the warning to heart...however, should i be taken advantage of, you'll be sure to read it in my Best Selling Memoir suitably titled, "The Girl Next Door" ;-)

Wegrit said...

Do it. Go and see your neighbour and learn to play the piano. It'll be fun! It's never too late to learn something. One of my English students here is a 78 year old woman who decided she just wanted to learn it because...