Friday, February 08, 2008

Pigs Have Flown

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I hearby solemnly eat my words, you see, a few days ago I left a comment on Joe Black’s blog regarding the rumours surrounding an imminent visit from R’n B crooner Joe Thomas. You could say that I was a Doubting Thomas (mind the pun)!

I said that Pigs would Fly when such an event took place, and after my youngest sibling’s sighting of said-crooner with entourage chowing Nandos at a popular hangout, thus confirming what i thought was not possible, its safe to say that pigs are flying high today.

My disbelief was not unwarranted, for years we’ve been promised such-and-such a star would be coming through, from the likes of Usher to Ms Beyonce herself. So Joe was just another name in a long list of promises…well that was until he actually pitched up.

I’m not a Joe Thomas fan, aside from the handful of commercial hits the guy has spewed out like 7-8yrs ago. I was never happy with the fact the man was always singing about other men’s women and how he could treat them better than their current love interests.

Sing about your own women dude!

And at Zim$800million a pop for a ticket (ummm, about USD$120 or R840) I KNOW I can definitely sit this concert out J

Have a great weekend people,
V x

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