Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Ex Files: The Selflessness of an Ex

Here’s a quick one for y’all: Let’s have a nice show of hands of people who would be willing to hook up any of their recent exes with mutual friends, in the interest of both parties?

Methinks not many hands went up :-)

Like me, I fear most of you would be willing to see hell freeze over before any of your exes hooked up/swapped bodily liquids/ put a down payment on a house with any of your close girl or guy friends.

As petty as it is, it’s a territorial instinct most of us haven’t been able to shake, even after centuries of evolution it’s still very much present in modern day men and women…but I get the feeling that some of the more evolved amongst us are now opting to bypass this hard wiring, well, if my conversation last night with a friend is anything to go by.

Let me set the scenario.

I have a friend, let me call her, HER (I know, zero points for originality) and she had recently broken up with on-again/off-again, long-time love that I will refer to as HIM. Now we both have a mutual girl friend that I’ll call CHICK.

HER called me to notify that her & HIM were kaput, they had danced their long dance and after agonising over all of it, they were done cause they realised they were just different people. I was quite saddened by the news; they always looked like they’d sail off into the horizon together. Anywho, HER had got it into her head that HIM and CHICK would make a great couple because she truly believed that HIM not only like CHICK like that but also cared about her general well-being.

This is the part I got all confused. Ummm, the average person would blow a fuse if their knew their significant other not only was secretly (or in this case, not so secretly) crushing on someone else, but was really and truly concerned about that person’s well being. Most of us would be asking, "So what am i, chopped liver?"

But like I said, we clearly aren’t dealing with the average person, but a more progressive being who has the capacity to see past their own hurts and disappointments and bring together two people, who she suspects are very compatible with each other.

Freaking heck, if that’s not selflessness, then I’m not sure what to call it then. But i'll tell you this, I'm bloody impressed with the way she thinks, makes me realise i've got a lot of growing up to do!

I think Simply Red said it best in their appropriately titled song “Ain’t that A Lot of Love.


Paula D. said...

Okay, she is on another level! For me it would depend on if I hated the ex or! Most of them I would give away freely!

lyfetymez said...

a higher state of conciousness right there...but i reckon the manner of the break-up is a key driver in feelings afterwards. if it was amicable and there are no hard feelings as is the case here - then why not? but if y'all had to cut even the g-strings in half so that each took their share of what they put in... then freekin' heck no go and hook yourself up and even then i might have something to say about that!!!!

Vimbai said...

Paula D: Lol, there are some exes begging to be given away for free! But none i can think of who i'd go out of my way to matchmake for!

Lyfetymez: Very nicely put, esp the part of cutting the g-strings in half, lol. However, even the most amicable of breakups still have a sting to them! Like you said, even if it wasnt you who matched your ex up with someone else, you'd still have something to say about it!

W said...

Hon dont click on the link - akicage directs u to a virus. Wonder whats going on...

Missy said...

LOVE that knife set!

Vimbai said...

lol, its quite the, ummm, theraputic knife set!

Anonymous said...

Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you

Anonymous said...

how are you?

Thanks for sharing, I have digged this post