Thursday, February 07, 2008

40 days & 40 nights

Guys, how are we 2 days into Lent and me ultra-oblivious up until earlier today when I was getting grilled by a relative as to my absence in a certain church on a certain Wednesday, Ash Wednesday that is. I may be more bummed that I didn’t realise it was Pancake Tuesday, no worries, I will make up for it tomorrow, hehehe.

I like the idea of 40 days and 40 nights of reflecting, purification and generally trying to remain a do-gooder to make amends for the rest of the 300-odd days spent misbehaving and the like. I personally believe, that every day should be Lent but baby-steps first I guess, I still find it hard to get through 40 days without throwing in a whole year into the mix.

Everyone always wants to know what you’ve given up, usually to lead you into a conversation with them which usually starts with them declaring with utter-smugness how they’ve given up meat, carbs and are living on a staple diet of carrot soup. These kind of people should stay far away from me, thank you very much.

I remember in varsity a mate of mine giving up alcohol for Lent, which we all thought was rather commendable seeing as she was rather fond of the bottle, only to take up The Herb (aka weed/grass/mbanje/marijuana) for the duration of Lent instead, lol. I am still hoping there was some sort of method in that madness.

Personally, I don’t do the whole fasting thing, my self-control is rubbish when it comes up to giving up food. I would address ways I could become a better individual spiritually and what-not. This year, I’m doing away with Fear! It’s amazing how I can work myself into a knot about anything and everything, to say I am high strung, is being polite. So that’s what I am working on for the next 40…oops, now 38 days and counting.

Sometimes I feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear
And I cant help but ask myself
how much I'll let the fear take the wheel and steer

It's driven me before,
it seems to have a vague haunting mass appeal

Lately I'm beginning to find that
I should be the one behind the wheel

Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there
With open arms and open eyes yeah
Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there, I'll be there
Incubus – “Drive”

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