Monday, January 21, 2008

Wisdom and Money coming my way!

Freaking heck, it seems that i brought all the rain (and powercuts) from H-town to the City of Gold. Its been 4 months already, i am done with this rain business...DONE! Rain is the black woman's nemesis, the things that this humidity is doing to my hair, eish, it's a danger! Thank the Lord for ceramic irons (or rather, thank the Lord for making the guy/girl who took it upon themselves to invent these nifty hair utensils).

On the subject of hair, wealth and wisdom are coming my way this morning...i discovered my first grey hair last night! Okay, i shouldnt take all the credit, my sister found it and then ceremoniously yanked it out to show me *ouch*. I was so proud of it which was odd, prematurely greying isn't really a cause of celebration. I pray its an omen of good things to and wisdom (but if i had to choose, i would take the money, lol).

At the same time, i hope i'm not venturing into the world of Henna and all such dying products, i mess with my hair too much as it is without adding dying to the mix!

Is it too much to ask for the wealth of a thousand sheiks? Please little grey hair of mine, send Mama straight to the bank!


G-Mack said...

I have two grey hairs, and it doesnt help that the one half of my family was grey by 30! It really doesnt help that it will cost R500 to dye my hair! I might just have to keep plucking! Or cant i just dye the 2 grey hairs?

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Hmmm...interesting. For every silver hair you get silver. Although what happens if you have golden hair? LOL

Hoping you win the Lotto!

Anonymous said...

Grey hair??? Hang on, that wasn't part of the deal!

Ruby said...

he he.....lucky for me i havent spotted any. I'm hoping for my dad's genes in that department. He's 54 and we spotted his first grey hair the other day!