Sunday, January 27, 2008

Talk is Cheap

All alcohol should come with some sort of disclaimer, for example,

"The following beverage may cause drowsiness,
the inability to operate heavy machinery,
n increased opinion of oneself (
"I'm so hot i don't know what to do with myself"),
encourage the emergence of one's many alter egos,
may cause you to imitate Rihanna's-rubbish-performance-at-a-concert
in front of 20 people you have only met 20mins prior to
said dance performance
will cause you to sing-a-long to every song that plays in the club/bar/tv/radio
ultimately resulting in the loss of your voice
the morning after the night before."

I know there are way more alcoholic side-affects that i've missed out, but loss of ones voice is the worst in my opinion. Like now, my voice is currently a raspy, wispy voice that i kind of like. If i put a french lilt to it, i sound positively seductive a la Cell C chick. But it won't last. Tomorrow it will be gone and will make a guest appearance around Tuesday and resurface for good around Friday (i know the drill by now).

This doesn't go down well with me at all, you see, i LOVE to talk the talk (Can i get an "Amen"). I'm sure those around me will be deliriously happy to get a moments peace for the better part of the week, but i'm gutted, a voiceless life, is a bleak prospect. How will i listen to Mariah without attempting to reach her high notes, how? *sniff sniff*

This weekend taught me two things:

1) The Consumption of Alcohol+Singing Like A Mad Woman +Talking Incessantly+Talking over Loud Music in a Bar/Club/Car = *the sound of crickets*

2) That i'm not officially the holder of the Damn-She-Can't-Be-Quiet award...Ladies and Gentlemen, the votes came in and it appears i hang out with a lot of contenders for that title...birds of a feather and all of that.

To speak, perchance to sing *sigh*

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