Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Stripes & Solids

All those late nights spent at the infamous Pig and Swizzle honing my pool skills came to waste yesterday when I was thrashed, THRASHED at pool. When I am usually asked if I’m any good at the game my standard response is, “I’m not a pro, but I’m fairly decent”, well yesterday proved that I was rubbish. I sank…wait for it, ONE ball the whole game!

I wish I could blame it on the beverage I was drinking, sadly I doubt that Coca Cola comes with some sort of disclaimer warning consumers that they may suffer from impaired Pool playing. Ah, the shame of it all, the shame *sniff sniff*

It was great to know that I hadn’t lost any of my poor sportsmanship either, lol. My family could regale you with tales from the past of my epic tantrums after losing at a game of tennis, Crazy Eight, Scrabble – the list is endless. Yesterday’s game proved that my inner John McEnroe was alive and kicking.

Wisely however, I realised that the hysterics I could get away with at 7yrs wouldn’t cut it anymore so I resorted to blaming everything for my crap performance.

My opponent had to put up with my whinging about my cue (which was replaced, surprisingly my game didn’t improve), poor lighting, the size of the pool table, yes the blame culture was in full effect.

Unlike my 7yr old former self though, I didn’t stomp off mid-game in a huff…I stuck the whole game out, till the bitter, gruelling end. That teensy display of maturity goes to prove there’s some hope for me yet in 2008:-)


PS: On a random note, I need to update my music collection any suggestions to what I should be listening to? Please, I am sick of all the stuff I’ve got.

PSS: Any suggestions as to where I can download music from? Esnips has gone and lost the plot on me, boo!


The Blonde Blogshell said...

try to download music!

PS> I am banned from playing pool after I flipped the white ball of the table chipping his newly tiled floor! It wasn't pretty!

Anonymous said...

better yet google for an application called SoulSeek. I've managed to find even the most obscure music with it.

As for what to listen to, please, please, please look for Mint Conditions 'Living The Luxury Brown' album. And after you listen to it. BUY IT! I was visibly upset that the album sold so poorly while the likes of Omarion and company are lauded as stars.


Vimbai said...

Blondie: Hahaha, i would love to see a man go emotional over a chipped tile on the floor. Hope you kissed and made up :-)

I might as well give in and download this Limewire app that everyone loves!

Anon: Will definitely look for Mint Condition's album, good looking out. PS Omarian isn't that bad, hehehehe.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that the one sunk ball was achieved my underhand means?