Friday, January 18, 2008

The Art of Giving Good Phone

Not so long ago i was an improvished student who was gulliable enough to fall for the "great" idea that her very good and then-neighbour proposed to help the both of us deal with our financial woes. You see, we were both running low on dosh and had to face the fact that those drinks at the club and frequent retail therapy trips to the mall weren't going to pay for themselves.

I flatly refused to do anything that involved serving people food, in my mind nothing could be worse than waitressing. I was proved wrong when i was introduced to the big, bad world of Call Centres. I wasted 5 hours a day of my life for about six weeks calling up people around Suid Afrique asking them to update their details on such-and-such subscriptions. Hour-by-hour i could slowly feel my brain-cells exploding one-by-one.

I spoke to my fair share of: paranoid, despie housewives, "And WHY do you want to speak to my husband?"; lonely old people, "Have you heard the joke of the singing parrot"(oh bless their cotton socks); PA's you seemed to know TOO much info, "Greg-, i mean Mr Jones does not care for such magazines" (i bet he cares for other things tho *snicker snicker*); and people who simply didn't have the time, "F**k off, ---------*dial tone*".

However once in while, if you were really, really lucky and the Call Centre Fairy (no pun intended) smiled down on you, you got to speak to some very YUMMY gentlemen with a voice that could melt butter, it was so smooth! Your usual 2min timed-to-the-second call script would now take you about 10mins, interspersed with fits of giggles and comments like, "Mr X... okay if you must insist, Derek *giggle giggle*.....that's SO funny *giggle giggle* to get through and you would most likely only hang up when you catch your supervisor glaring at you with raised eyebrows.

After getting used to the monotony of the script and questions i had to ask, i started seeing a bit of a pattern. People seemed to be more responsive if you smiled while you talked, not fake smiling but the real kind (it helps to be sitting next to a mate telling you why exactly the guy sitting 3 seats down keeps running to pee every 10mins), also speaking in low dulcet tones keeps them hanging to your every word as opposed to a high pitched nasal tones (more Beyonce less David Beckham here) and a little flirting never killed anybody (yes, i said it).

The skills i took for granted came in handy this morning when i had to charm the socks off a certain recruiter. I was sweating bullets, i won't lie! But the lessons i learnt from that crusty little call centre were put to very good use.

Fingers and toes crossed :-)


A sneak preview of what's keeping me warm and fuzzy this weekend,

Happiness thy name is Mojito!

Have a fabulous weekend chicas & chicos

V x


Lolo said...

Hello, and how was mafaro in Jozi?

Lolo said...

Hello, and how was mafaro in Jozi?

Don't believe a word I write said...

In my experience, the physical appearance of a man is directly inversely proportional to the beauty of his voice.

Did you ever meet any of these honey-voiced men?

Vimbai said...

Lolo: What do you mean "How was" am still there. Sha, kuri kunaya BIG TIME, freaking heck, its been 4mths of freaking downfall...where did summer go?

DBAWIR:Lord have mercy, those honey-voiced specimens sound NOICE on the phone. I didnt meet any of them tho, sometimes the illusion is much better than the reality, lol.

G-Mack said...

That experience wasnt all bad, i mean, if i hadnt gotten you to work there you would never have gotten the nickname Dirty Brown!!!! Lol.....

Will get your mojitos this weekend without a doubt!

Vimbai said...

G-Mack: Had a mojito today and sadly it did not agree with me...bummer! I think i need to find a new drink, boo! Oh and i have you to thank for introducing me to formal employment wet noodle!