Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Real Shows Killed The Soapie Star

I can’t believe I missed Chris Brown’s guest appearance on Generations last night.

I’d heard so much about his cameo appearance after it originally aired on SABC a few weeks/days ago(?) but they had some Generations re-run on last night and sadly I missed it again, even after I got a rather excited-breathless call from a mate of mine, a fellow ardent Chris Brown groupie (It’s a well known fact that I smuck that ouen proper, if I wasn’t so loved up at the moment, I definitely would!)

“She want that lovey dovey (lovey dovey)
Kiss kiss (kiss kiss)
Her mind she fantasize bout' gettin' wit' me"

Last night’s soapie viewing cemented just how much I hate soapies of any kind. I find them insulting at best...but there I was, glued to the set for the last 10mins of the show trying to catch a glimpse of boy-wonder (the things we do for those we smuck).

Its great to see that my dislike of soapies still holds fast & true, after all:

- The dialogue is sh*t and contrived (who the heck speaks like these people);
- The characters are way over the top; and,
- There's an abnormally high incidence of: natural disasters, people rising from the dead, people’s evil twins returning from who-knows-where, weddings getting interrupted at that exact appropriate time, children growing up over night (in one episode little Kirsty is 3yrs old, by the following week she has aged overnight into a 16yr old hell raiser).
All in all, it's just a bit much.

In the late 80’s and early 90’s I was raised on a staple diet of Neighbours, Santa Barbara, Dynasty, Falcon Creast, Dallas, Knots Landing and Monday night Shona dramas. Take away the big hair, shoulder-pads and rather bright eye makeup and lipstick and today’s soapies are EXACTLY the same, the same bloody drama and mind-numbing intrigue.

In the words of the Barenaked Ladies song, “It’s all been done before.”


The Blonde Blogshell said...

Say what? Chris Brown on Generations? I really am behind!

Debbie said...

Did you watch the movie (in theatres now) called "this Christmas"?
He was so adorable in it...
Now both my girls want his cd for

Vimbai said...

Blonde Blogshell: Yup, can you believe it...he was on the following nite too and i missed that too, urrrgh!

Debbie: i've only seen the preview for the movie. I'm pysched that it has Chris Brown AND that hottie from Stomp the Yard, Chris Columbus. Hope you are hooking your girls up, Chris Brown in a Christmas stocking... *sigh*.