Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dear 13 year old Me

Lordy, it’s the month of memes indeed! I got tagged by Natalie and thought I could hold off doing this till like Friday but what the heck, here it goes. (I pray this is the last of these meme things for a while)
Dear 13yr old Me

I bet you’re a bit relieved to see I’m coming to you with pearls of wisdom, we’ve never been good with suspense have we, our motto has always been, “Tell me how it ends and I will handle the bits in between.” This letter is not so much about telling you the ending (‘cause I’m praying I’ve got at least another 50yrs of life in me yet) but rather a heads-up about some things.

You’ve just got through Form 1 and probably realise you like high school and that you are cut out for boarding school (although you technically live 5mins away, so I guess there’s no point at being homesick innit). I am happy to point out that you’ll love the next 5 years of it too, you will eventually count it as the best years of your life. Of courses you will go to varsity and have a fabulous time there, but high school is where you will find your rocks, your closest friends although its good to know you will acquire some besties outside of high-school too.

Although all you wish for at this point is to grow up and get all this over and done with, you will appreciate what a larny, sheltered life you really did/do have. Living in a bubble does have its benefits and when you unleash yourself on the big bad world, you’ll realise that its just as well you took your time.

You know how some people really, really hate high-school (I can name about two of them you know right now), you’ll always love it because that’s were you’re going to meet the best friends a girl could ask for and learn some life lessons that only that time-frame can teach you.

I’ve listed in point form (don’t we just love writing those lists) just a few things to give you a bit of a heads-up.

1. No matter what mum tells you, I am sorry to say your boobs WON’T get any bigger than they are right now…seriously. So deal with it because it eventually does work out, fashion-wise that is.

2. Enjoy your 20-20 vision right now because some genetic anomaly will bless you with less than stellar vision five years time, so take a good hard look now.

3. The friends you have right now, will still be your friends right now too…a few extras will come along the way, but don’t take for granted the ones staring you in the face.

4. No matter how hard you pray, you are still going to grow at least another 5cm’s taller. And even though you are adamant you will date anyone shorter than you, you will, so get over it.

5. Chase your dreams even when pooh-poohed, very few people have the capacity to dream like you, just make sure you make things happen too.

6. People close to you will die, that’s inevitable and unstoppable so stop worrying about when they will leave you, rather enjoy them while they’re there with you.

7. Don’t listen to Miss (Can’t bloody remember her name now), the Art Teacher, who will tell you that you can’t bloody well draw. She’s just a miserable wench who suffers from her own drawing inferiority complexes, coz shes particulary crap at herself actually.

8. Your heart will be broken many times along the way, sadly that’s the only way you’ll get to know what the real thing will or should look like: kissing a bunch of toads to find a prince and all that jazz.

9. One day, you will be the breaker of someone else’s heart, its nothing to be proud of but don’t go beating yourself up about something that was unavoidable.

10. Do run a comb through your hair from time to time, although you’re pretty unconcerned about it, it inevitable will become the butt of many jokes to come in highschool.

11. Enjoy looking at mum and dad with stars in your eyes because in T-minus 10 years that will all change, possibly for the better too although it will hurt like mad. You will learn the important lesson that nobody deserves to be put on a pedestal.

12. Appreciate your siblings, right now you are probably pretty convinced you’re adopted and that all 3 of them (even the 6 yr old) are plotting your doom…but they come in surprisingly handy in years to come and for the better part, you will get along great.

13. A lot of good will fly your way and for the better part, you’ll take most of it for granted with that adolescent self-assured, arrogance that only a teenager could possess. However, I am here to tell you tomorrow will not bring a repeat of yesterday’s gifts, you only get one shot to give of your best so make sure you do it each and every time.

14. I would love to warn you about every single bad thing that comes your way but without those, how will you know your own strength, your own faith, your own determination. However, just know that for every bad thing that comes your way, they’ll be at least another three good things to come out of it (and only the beauty of hindsight will highlight this).

Remain unapologetically you.

Future Me/You xxxxxx


Ruby said...

Brilliant! I enjoyed that;-) This meme was actually fun, I hate to admit, and made me remeber a lot of the stuff that happened in the last 12 years.

Vimbai said...

Ruby: Its amazing how much time has passed, the sad thing is remember being 13 like it happened yesterday (the drawbacks of having a super-efficient memory)

Wazzie said...

Excellent post!

Vimbai said...

Wazzie: Thanks love!

Anonymous said...

yeah...magona...brought back good memories right there. Makapenga .

Vimbai said...

Anon: Thenks!

Natalie said...

You see, wasn't so bad vimbai! Superb post!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Vim, that gave me all sorts of goosebumps and made me teary-eyed... Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Great post! It made me want to dig up my journals from the 90's. It's been more than a minute- going to swimming galas on Saturday, eistedfords & such craziness...

Happy New Year- keep bloggin'

Vimbai said...

Natalie: No it wasnt bad at all, i could have gone on forever, lol.

Anon: Thanks :-)

Aphrikanyc: Oh lord, i had forgotten about eistedfords and such, seems like only yesterday!