Monday, December 03, 2007


The first two days of this month better not be an indication of how the rest of the month is going to go, cause if it is, then I’m going to find me a rock to crawl under right this minute! Better yet, doesn’t someone feel like sending me on an all expense paid trip somewhere sunny where Mojito’s are free and forth coming!

I spent the better part of this weekend suffering from a terrible case of very bad hair! It all started with me being a bright spark and figuring that it would be a great idea to wash my hair before getting to the hair salon (don’t ask), at some point the power goes out, but I figure I’m okay ‘cause the hair salon will have power right….WRONG.

Lets just say, the whole city was without lights and generators were not doing what they’re supposed to. Hence, I had no choice but to rock my mad ever growing ‘fro all weekend and only managed to sort it out this morning at 6.15am when the electricity decided to jol back.

Weekend highlights

- Spending all of Sunday shooting-the-shit with a great friend who didn’t even flinch when I showed her the disaster that was my hair from under the bright blue dhuku I was sporting.
- Introducing a toddler to the finer sounds of dirty south rap, hahahaha, it was so cute how she was bopping along to the beat. Her father, an avid rave listener, however, was not impressed – hahahaha.

Weekend lowlights

- Very bad hair
- No lights
- No water
- Phone being funny

All this compounded with all sorts of other drama over the weekend has left me in a very, very frazzled un-chrismassy, bah-humbug kinda state.

I’m now going in search of that rock I was speaking about earlier…


Ruby said...

shampies Babe! sounds like you had a terrible weekend.....sos:-(

But don't go crawling under the said rock...i'm sure things will start picking up now...afterall, how much worse can it get..

just hang in there...just keep swiming

Vimbai said...

Couldn't find a comfortable, deluxe rock complete with room-service, lol.

So hiding under a rock has been put off for now :-)

Anonymous said...

Ahh dont come over all baahumbug now!! Am busy counting down the days till i get there!! Am also about to embark on major fairy light shopping spree - but if the lecky is gonna be like that dont know now!

Vimbai said...

Okay, okay i've snapped out of it now, bring forth the fairy lights and the xmas spirit :-) Lord knows, i need it!

PS Check your inbox in the next 10mins, hehehe.

Anita said...

hehe, how are things? glad to see you cheered up!

Ruby said...

so vimbai....whose anonymous???

Vimbai said...

My mood has vastly improved thanks. How are the wedding plans going hun? Get up to anything exciting over the weekend?

Vimbai said...

Ruby: I'm having a very slow afternoon coz for a second there i was like, "ummm, i don't think anyone knows who anyone called anonymous is." Lol, however this particular anonymous, also known as "W"is one of my lovely siblings (who i've repeatedly asked to get a bloggers id, but to no avail...sniff sniff).

There are some other anonymous individuals who holla, but i have no idea who they are

Ruby said...

i know;-) was just wondering, since this one u def know....check your know that type of thing;-)

Vimbai said...

Lol, i suspect you thort it was my honey...he generally doesn't drop off comments altho once in a while i've been surprised!