Monday, November 19, 2007

So many questions, so little answers

I’m a bit of control freak...who am I kidding, I’m a whole lot of a control freak. I’m that person who’s always trying to find a logical reason for things. I have an innate need to make sense of all the crazy and illogical things that go on in this world.

When I was younger it was much easier to put two and two together and come out with four. However, as I get older, that particular equation is coming up with all manner of double and triple digit numbers, let’s just say, nothing is adding up.

Maybe it’s a case of the 20-something syndrome which causes you to doubt not only yourself but everything and everyone around you. Of late I have a lot of questions and i need answers and I’m drawing blanks here, my knickers are in a permanent knot.

After a little reflection this weekend, I narrowed down a bit of the problem. I am always trying to draw on answers from myself, which is kind of absurd now I think about it. When did I become all-knowing and powerful, when did I ever have all the answers, when did I morph into The Great & Powerful Oz?

There’s nothing wrong in questioning, for the questions we ask not only help us find answers about questions we asked, but reveal answers about ourselves. (Okay, that line sounded cryptic, even to me and I’m the one writing it out! Hope you get my drift anyway).

What I am learning is that at times however, you have to relinquish control, admit you don’t have all the answers, acknowledge that a lot of things are beyond your sphere of control and just have faith. You can’t worry about what has occurred in the past, or what is to occur in the future, all we have control over is the here and now.

Sometimes faith is all you’ve got but I just need to remember that that’s a lot in itself right there.


Lolo said...

Keep the faith and add hope to it. You will be rewarded in the end.

Vimbai said...

Like Doris said in Finding Nemo, "Just keep swimming , just keep swimming."

Anonymous said...

Here here - sometimes you just cant keep swimming - you just gotta pop ur head above surface to see whats cutting!

Ruby said...

Accepting that you don't always have the answers is a great place to be.

It gives you a sense of freedom...its awesome....but a drives me mad sometimes..being a control freak and all;-)

Vimbai said...

Wazzie: You speak the truth, however, u can only tread water so long to check whats cutting! Swimming is more constructive, means you are on the move :-)

Ruby: Welcome fellow control freak! Relinquishing control is liberating and helluva scary! Glad to know there are more like-minded control freaks out there :-)

Anonymous said...

True dat x

Anonymous said...

Doubt is a very good thing..... What you are really in doubt of is the way you have been conditioned and not the way you have been created!