Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Man, I feel like a Woman!

Granted, us chicks have to put up with some rather natural “nasty” afflictions like going through child-birth, PMS, wearing very high-heels, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being a chick, cause truth be told, we get away with murder (sometimes literally…watch the Crime and Investigation channel if you think I’m lying).

Today’s events at lunch cemented in my mind the huge benefits of being a member of the so-called “weaker” sex, one of which was quick and efficient customer service.

My female colleague and I paid a visit to the bank where we were told by the male teller that they were closed and would be open in an hour’s time. After much sighing we walked out, wondering what to do next, only to be called back by the same teller, who informed us, with some rather flirtatious smiling, that he would do us a favour, even if it cost him his job. We reciprocated with simpering smiles and the like, got our transactions done and sauntered out of there, discussing a) What would possess him to break banking policies and b) Men are such easy targets sometimes.

We then proceeded from the bank to service/gas/petrol station to get the oil and water in the car checked, only to be eagerly assisted by not one, not two but FOUR mechanics….FOUR! Eish, in a country not known for its customer service by a long shot, this was a miracle. It was amusing to watch the mechanics bustle about, competing to do the various checks, laughing amongst themselves at how there were four of them there. For performing a service (that was for free) we left them with a tip and a smile.

Yes, today’s events reinforced, that its great to be woman!

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