Thursday, November 29, 2007

Keep Breathing

Open any news site and just scan over the main headlines they’re sporting, more often than not, its just a whole lot of bad news.

This world will never run out of bad news and that’s kinda depressing. What’s even more disheartening is how unreactive I am to most of these stories unless they directly affect me.

Some call it being cold, I think it’s just another form of self-preservation. We as human beings have to acknowledge that unless we belong to the cast of Heroes, none of us possess any super powers that can bring about world peace and alleviate poverty all over the world with the flick of a hand.

That’s why when I read stories like the one about Baby Grace I swear my heart breaks, it just crumbles because such situations are SO unnecessary & unavoidable.

Although I can’t do anything about what has happened, I believe I can possible make a difference in the present and future somehow. Every community has a Baby Grace or child in a similar situation that could be saved. It’s true what they say, charity begins at home.

"Keep Breathing" - Ingrid Michaelson

"The storm is coming but i don't mind.
People are dying, i close my blinds.

All that i know is i'm breathing now.

I want to change the world...instead i sleep.
I want to believe in more than you and me.

But all that i know is i'm breathing.
All i can do is keep breathing.
All we can do is keep breathing now."


Anonymous said...

you watch heroes??cool, im suddenly addicted to that as well and i think Isaac, the hunky painter is quite yummy..nehow yah the world is coming to an end as we know it and like you sed we just gonna keep on keeping on with the breathing thing

Vimbai said...

I luuuuuuuuurve Heroes, my fave character is Nicky/Jessica, she's just so schizo and the actress who plays her has actually made it so easy to differentiate between the two characters...

Hiro by far, is the most ANNOYING character, i don't care how loveable he is to everyone else, i just find him too much, like an over eager puppy!

Now if only i could get episode 4 onwards of Season 2, i would be chuffed!

Anonymous said...

Ok I have up to episode 9 - so if you can wait will be home in 2 weeks and u can watch till your hearts content. This season is even better than the last!

Vimbai said...

Yay, i'm so pysched! Make sure you DON"T delete them from your laptop missy! I need me a Heroes-fix baaaaaaaaad.