Monday, October 08, 2007

Too much of a good thing...

Every once in a while a mystery is solved, and this morning CNN provided me with my daily dose of enlightenment. It appears they have finally found the raison d’etre of the Appendix, that wormy looking organ that tends to lead people to have near-death experiences from time-to-time. It seems the Appendix “comes in peace”, when its not trying to kill you that is. Now if only they could come up with information that would actually help the average person, like, the cure for the common cold would be lovely!

I am currently nursing a headache from hell induced by this rather lovely weather we are having, it seems that too much of a good thing can actually be bad for you; the sun and its accompanying heat headlines this list today. Yes, I have tried to drink water, but that stuff tastes really bland and now I am meant to drink 8 glasses of it, shoot me now!

Weekend highlights:

Friday night I passed on bhawa to watch…wait for it…the much anticipated Disney musical, High School Musical 2! Yes I do realise I am too old for such things, but the first one was so much fun, I assumed the sequel would be too. Sadly, this latest instalment was*ahem* challenging to get through at best. Question: Is it possible for a musical to have too much singing in it?

To make up for the rather fluffy movie watching antics of Friday nite on Saturday I took a walk over to the dark side with a very strange movie, “Black Moan Snake.” It was one of those rather dark movies that doesn’t feed you the happily-ever-after type endings Hollywood is so fond of throwing at us.

I was feeling very anti-social this weekend (henceforth all the flick watching) and successfully managed to dodge Jigga’s many calls and smses trying to coerce me out of the house (thanks for trying hun, but eish, it was non-starter for sure). When I eventually emerged on Sunday, it was to get my ass thrashed at a game of tennis…again *sigh* The only consolation after suffering another humiliating defeat was that I found some fellow poker players, so plans are in motion for a much anticipated poker night, yay!.


Anonymous said...

I have recently gotten rid of the appendix of my life. He didnt contribute much to my well being and in some cases if he had been left unattended would have tried to kill me - and trust me this one only pretended to come in peace. But what a worm.

W xx

Vimbai said...

Bravo my love! That took a lot of guts (excuse the pun), sometimes you just gotta get rid of a worm without any anaesthetic & deal with the pain later!

Big hug and kiss from me. V xxx