Thursday, October 18, 2007

Things i don't mind going Pear-shaped

I am quite chuffed with myself these days, I put together a lovely workout routine and I’ve stuck to it…its been 18 days* and counting and I haven’t floundered, well not yet anyway. I’m so proud, I’ve drawn up a chart and everything! I’m not alone, it seems the summer weather has brought out the fitness bunny in all, so I have plenty of people to compare notes with.

One of the things I’ve picked up on is a phrase used by my friend Gugu’s personal trainer. He refers to one’s gluteus maximus as “Africa” and supposedly throws out expressions like, “Help Africa”, “Do it for Africa”, “Is Africa hurting today?”. I found that hilarious and have incorporated it into my fitness vocab, which tends to throw people off a bit.

I have wholeheartedly accepted my pear-shaped body, after all, I’m in good company with the likes of Ms Knowles & Ms Lopez. I’ve also thrown out my bathroom scale, does more harm than good that thing. Lunges and squats will be the death of me but at least I will be able to proclaim quite proudly one day that,”Africa is holding up quite alright J”

*18 days doesn’t sound like a long time for the average person, however, you must realise you are dealing with a person with the attention-span of a gnat!**
**Disclaimer: That was a figure of speech, I have no way of knowing what the attention span of gnat is, although I would guess its way shorter than 18days..hehe.


Malaika said...

Lol. Thats the funniest thing I have heard in a bit. I think I might start referring to my bum as Africa too. Brill. Thanks for the comment by the way. Nice to see another one of "us people" on here.

Vimbai said...

We are few indeed :-) Yay, with Gugu's help i am helping to spread the word of Africa & her need to be maintained, hehehe.

Joe Blizzle - my nizzle said...

Is that a little vanity I hear, madam?

Actually it's the troof. You are in good company. Like, dayamn!


P.S. It's the heat

Vimbai said...

That excuse of "blaming it on the heat" is wearing thin, hehehe.

Gugu Mary Tizita said...

Do it in the name of Africa!!!!

Vimbai said...

Amen sister, amen!

PS My africa is doing quite alright, just in case you were wondering, hahahahaha. La la la la la