Monday, October 01, 2007

Goodbye Miss Moneypenny

The actress, Lois Maxwell, who played Miss Moneypenny in most of the Bond movies has sadly passed. I do realise most people are generally wharried* for such info, but for some die-hard Bond fans like myself, it’s a bit of a blow mate.

Technically speaking Miss Moneypenny wasn’t a Bond girl per se, more like M’s secretary really. She did, however, embody all the necessary attributes of a Bond girl; easy on the eye, could kick some serious ass if the need ever arose andof course, had crazy chemistry with Bond himself**

At the tender age of 7yrs old, I was hell-bent on becoming a Bond girl especially after multiple viewings of Octopussy (those security chicks in the black S&M outfits were bad-ass mate), sadly, those dreams did not transpire as originally planned. Along the way, I derailed from the plan and now have settled on having the odd Martini, shaken not stirred, to console myself.

Weekend Update

Friday nite was a bit of write-off, have no idea what I did….eish.

Saturday I had the pleasure of dancing around The Rumbster’s living room, it beats dancing around my room by myself! For one, I am no longer the best dancer in the room, nothing like a little competition to get you to bust out a few moves. I also managed to polish off a whole bottle of red wine and successfully navigate my way home (this time I did manage to drive up the correct driveway).

Sunday I reinstated the tradition of fermenting*** and finally watched Layer Cake (that Daniel Craig is quite alright, although he does make a rubbish Bond!).

* wharried – couldn’t be bovvered :-)
** Just to state for the record, the TRUE James Bond is Roger Moore and not Sean Connery as some people like to claim, tsk tsk.
*** fermenting – doing fuck-all which involves hanging about in your pj’s and watching copious amounts of bad tv.


Anonymous said...

Ah for sure so sad abt Miss Moneypenny... Takes you back - do we still have those Bond movies at home?

Vimbai said...

Octopussy, Man with the Golden Gun and You Only Live Twice are the ones here....we just need to get the whole darn collection!

Anonymous said...

for sure!