Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

You don't get a lot of things in this part of the world, like the bare necessities; water, magetsi/electricity, flour...okay, i could go on. But today, what i want to whinge about, is that NOBODY, other than the odd US national residing in these parts, celebrates Halloween. I get all sorts of bogus responses ranging from, "I don't believe in worshipping pagan holidays" to "Hallow-what?".

All i want is an opportunity to get dressed up is all, couldn't be bothered that its a pagan holiday...if you are gonna get technical about it, Christmas is a pagan holiday as its celebrated on same day as Ra, the Sun God's day (thank Constantine for that one).

Otherwise, can't believe there are 2mths until the end of the year, *eeeek* And judging by the excess amount of emails i am receiving during working hours from around the globe, the happy/silly season has begun and productivity levels at work are dropping steadily. Long lunches are the order of the day, as is getting in late and leaving early.... If only my dragon-lady boss would hitting one of her MIA stunts that she's so good at doing so i can hightail it home earlish *sigh*

Halloween Horoscope for Libra

You only like halloween if you have a special someone to share it with.

You like a romantic scary evening together - no big parties or events for you.

Costume suggestions: Romeo and Juliet or Batman and Catwoman

Signature Halloween candy: Nerds

Scary movie you should celebrate Halloween with: Silence of the Lambs

Monday, October 29, 2007

"I'm only happy when it rains"

Okay the subject title isn’t all that accurate, I’m not only happy when it rains, however, there’s nothing like a torrential downpour to put me in high spirits so the music group Garbage were onto something when the wrote a track by that very name. The sweet pitter-patter of rain on one’s window combined with some hot chocolate, lots of comfort food and lots of trashy novels = utter bliss my friends, utter bliss.

The majority of my weekend was spent in that state, once in a while I would get up to look outside and just smile, blue skies are so overrated, I would take grey, angry looking clouds and rain with lots of character any day. Yes siree bob, I love it when pane ka-weather.

I also took the opportunity to update my music collection, if I have to listen to what’s on my iPod one more time, I’ll scream. Who would have thunk it was possible to get bored of 634 songs. Anywho, I think the weather had a lot to do with the stuff I was downloading, coz the majority of the beats I got fell somewhere in the wrist-splitting-curled-up-in-fetal-position genre. I did of course get the obligatory commercial songs, and then some golden oldies.

Obligatory-commercial-songs-that-i -can’t-stop-humming-to-myself:
Timbaland feat One Republic – Apologise
Eve feat Swiss Beats – Tambourine

Corrinne Bailey Rae – I won’t let you lie to yourself
Anya Marina – Miss halfway
Anne Waronker – How am I doing
Ingrid Michaelson – Corner of your heart
Let’s Go Sailing – All I wanted from you is love

Golden Oldies (have no idea who sings these tho!):
War, what is it good for(absolutely nothing)?
It’s my party
Earth Angel

On Sunday nite my honey and I watched “Stranger than Fiction”, he’s a big fan of the movie, I just found it odd and whimsical at best, but after sitting and giving it a think, it was a pretty clever, entertaining movie that deals with all sorts of topics like:

a) Are we truly in total control of our destinies ,
b) Are we so caught up in the humdrum activities of life that life itself then passes us by cause we are stuck in our comfort zones and,
c) To give up your life to save another’s life, you inevitably save your own life in the process.

Let me leave you with my favourite quote of the whole movie, given by Emma Thompson’s character:

“Sometimes, when we lose ourselves in fear and despair,
in routine and constancy,
in hopelessness and tragedy,
we can thank God for Bavarian sugar cookies.

And, fortunately, when there aren't any cookies,
we can still find reassurance in a familiar hand on our skin,
or a kind and loving gesture, or subtle encouragement,
or a loving embrace, or an offer of comfort…
and maybe the occasional piece of fiction.

And we must remember that all these things,
the nuances,
the anomalies,
the subtleties,
which we assume only accessorize our days,
are effective for a much larger and nobler cause.
They are here to save our lives.”.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I am a Spideracist

"Sorry i'm not home right now
I'm walking into spiderwebs
Leave a message
And i'll call you back"
No Doubt - "Spiderwebs"

In the after-life, when I reach the pearly gates and St Peter holla’s out my name and I’m about to make my grand entrance into the Land of All That Is Good, my path will be blocked by millions and millions of angry spider souls, who will literally have a bone to pick with me.

You see, over the past few days, I’ve extinguished quite a few lives, spider lives to be exact!

It being summer and all, these eight-legged monstrosities think its cool to crawl in from the garden or attic (or wherever they chill) to hang out in my room or bathroom. So like an Italian Don in the making, I decided to send a clear message to the spider nation capisce, by eliminating these inhabitants in the great hopes that fellow spider onlookers to this horrific acts of mine will send word back to base-camp that certain rooms are off bounds.

Sadly that tactic doesn’t seem to be working. I can be found trying to reason with them, imploring them to leave my room otherwise I won’t be held responsible for my actions. I’ll trot off to catch my hourly dose of bad tv in the high hopes that on my return the perpetrator would have vamoosed my living quarters, but noooooooooooooo, he’d still be found lurking, quite smugly actually, where I’d left him.

What’s even stranger is that for every two spiders I vanquish, another 4 appear in their place. And what’s even worse is that they’ve taken to molesting me in the shower now*shudder shudder*

I’m not a happy puppy…boo!

Monday, October 22, 2007

"In Repair" - John Mayer

Too many shadows in my room
Too many hours in this midnight
Too many corners in my mind
So much to do to set my heart right

Oh, it’s taken so long
I could be wrong, I could be ready
Oh, but if I take my heart’s advice
I should assume it’s still unsteady
I am in repair
I am in repair

Stood on the corner for a while
To wait for the wind to blow down on me
Hoping it takes with it my old ways
And brings some brand new luck upon me

Oh, it’s taken so long
I could be wrong, I could be ready

Oh, but if I take my heart’s advice
I should assume it’s still unsteady
I am in repair
I am in repair

And now I’m walking in the park
And all of the birds, they dance below me
Maybe when things turn green again
It will be good to say you know me

Oh, it’s taken so long
I could be wrong, I could be ready
Oh, but if I take my heart’s advice
I should assume it’s still unsteady
Oh yeah, I’m never really ready, yeah
Oh yeah, I’m never really ready, yeah
I’m in repair
I’m not together but I’m getting there (x6)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another 4yrs of this....*big sigh*

As Joe rightly said on his blog, we're never gonna hear the end of this EVER!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Things i don't mind going Pear-shaped

I am quite chuffed with myself these days, I put together a lovely workout routine and I’ve stuck to it…its been 18 days* and counting and I haven’t floundered, well not yet anyway. I’m so proud, I’ve drawn up a chart and everything! I’m not alone, it seems the summer weather has brought out the fitness bunny in all, so I have plenty of people to compare notes with.

One of the things I’ve picked up on is a phrase used by my friend Gugu’s personal trainer. He refers to one’s gluteus maximus as “Africa” and supposedly throws out expressions like, “Help Africa”, “Do it for Africa”, “Is Africa hurting today?”. I found that hilarious and have incorporated it into my fitness vocab, which tends to throw people off a bit.

I have wholeheartedly accepted my pear-shaped body, after all, I’m in good company with the likes of Ms Knowles & Ms Lopez. I’ve also thrown out my bathroom scale, does more harm than good that thing. Lunges and squats will be the death of me but at least I will be able to proclaim quite proudly one day that,”Africa is holding up quite alright J”

*18 days doesn’t sound like a long time for the average person, however, you must realise you are dealing with a person with the attention-span of a gnat!**
**Disclaimer: That was a figure of speech, I have no way of knowing what the attention span of gnat is, although I would guess its way shorter than 18days..hehe.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Queen for a Day!

My favourite day of the year (besides Christmas Day) is upon us once again! Yes Ladies and Gents, its my birthday today. I love birthdays, yes i do realise it means i'm getting older but isn't it wonderful that there's a whole day that belongs to oneself. I suffer from typical "middle child" syndrome, so the more attention i get, there better!

The inventory count goes like this: I woke up to many smses from around the globe, received many calls, my mother gave me the "i carried you for 9 mths" speech after i pointed out i wanted a pressie from her, my father sang for me (after having to be reminded that it was actually my birthday, men!) & even threw in a manic dance that shouldnt be performed again...EVER, my prodigal student brother even called which must have finished his airtime - ah bless, my older sis got a head start by wishing me happy birthday yesterday and my younger sister is somewhere in China hopefully picking up a few goodies for me *ahem* - Yes, i do think i am doing well this year :-)

The birthday fever was ever present this weekend, i channelled this energy into baking 36 cupcakes! 20 of which only made it to the office this morning to feed my fellow co-workers. Still can't believe i baked, i'm taking this domestic goddess metamorphis quite seriously!

My one birthday wish would be to have my diasporan family members, my girls and my honey here with me to enjoy the day (read: get piss drunk somewhere)...another time i guess.

Let us have birthdays every day,
(I had the thought while I was shaving)
Because a birthday should be gay,
And full of grace and good behaving.
We can't have cakes and candle bright,
And presents are beyond our giving,
But let lt us cherish with delight
The birthday way of lovely living.

Robert William Service

Birthday Shoutouts for Today: My "twin" Taffy, Keyshia Cole, Elena Dementieva (who kicked garo over the weekend), Eric Benet (i share my birthday with a confirmed sex comment), ex Princess Fergie, Mario Puzo (author of The Godfather) & Genuwine!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stalking just got easier

“Facebook, how do I love thee?
Let me count the ways…”

Out of all the nifty inventions and innovations that have popped up in the last 10 years, Facebook scores very high on my list…dammit, who am I fooling, its on the top of my list.

After ignoring numerous requests by well-meaning friends, I eventually gave into the hype and haven’t looked back since. It’s been a few months now, but my love affair with FB is thriving.

If it wasn’t for FB…

1. I wouldn’t have been able to find every person I have ever known. going as far back as the chick in the cot next to me in the “Newly Arrived Babies” ward, 20-odd years ago;

2. Strange men from stranger parts of the world wouldn’t be able to get hold of me to ask me for anything ranging from sexual favours to just a chat…riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight;

3. I would forget most people’s birthdays, all 1000 of them;

4. I wouldn’t have such amicable rapport with most of my exes, even the one who posted pictures of him and his many chicks on FB 3 days after we had officially broken up - yes, even him;

5. I wouldn’t be able to “facebook” (read: stalk) interesting people *manic laughter*;

6. I wouldn’t know the thoughts, whereabouts, actions and bowl movements of all my friends. There is nothing as charming as know that “So-and-so is regular…”

7. I wouldn’t get poked, ever ;-)

8. I wouldn’t have a wealth of knowledge at my fingertips about where to go on the weekend or what parties, clubs etc where being held in general.

Love it or hate it, Facebook is here to stay and I’m quite happy about that. If you have no idea what I’ve been rambling on about, you have clearly been living under a rock...

"You cannot be friends with yourself." -

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

No One - Alicia Keys

Ms Keys is back better than ever with this debut single from her new album that i’m falling for big time! I don’t know what it is about this song; the beat, the soulful lyrics or just the heart-felt way she belts this song out, it just works! Much love to Kumbi for putting me on to it, good looking out :-)

I just want you close
Where you can stay forever
You can be sure
That it will only get better

You and me together
Through the days and nights
I don’t worry cuz
Everything’s gonna be alright
People keep talking
They can say what they like
But all I know is everything’s gonna be alright

No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I’m feeling
No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I feel for you
You you
Can get in the way of what I feel for you

When the rain is pouring down
And my heart is hurting
You will always be around
This I know for certain

You and me together
Through the days and nights
I don’t worry cuz
Everythings gonna be alright
People keep talking
They can say what they like
But all I know is everything’s gonna be alright

(Chorus x1)

I know some people search the world
To find something like what we have
I know people will try
Try to divide
Something so real
So till the end of time
I’m telling you that

No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I’m feeling
No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I feel for you
oh oh oh …

Monday, October 08, 2007

Too much of a good thing...

Every once in a while a mystery is solved, and this morning CNN provided me with my daily dose of enlightenment. It appears they have finally found the raison d’etre of the Appendix, that wormy looking organ that tends to lead people to have near-death experiences from time-to-time. It seems the Appendix “comes in peace”, when its not trying to kill you that is. Now if only they could come up with information that would actually help the average person, like, the cure for the common cold would be lovely!

I am currently nursing a headache from hell induced by this rather lovely weather we are having, it seems that too much of a good thing can actually be bad for you; the sun and its accompanying heat headlines this list today. Yes, I have tried to drink water, but that stuff tastes really bland and now I am meant to drink 8 glasses of it, shoot me now!

Weekend highlights:

Friday night I passed on bhawa to watch…wait for it…the much anticipated Disney musical, High School Musical 2! Yes I do realise I am too old for such things, but the first one was so much fun, I assumed the sequel would be too. Sadly, this latest instalment was*ahem* challenging to get through at best. Question: Is it possible for a musical to have too much singing in it?

To make up for the rather fluffy movie watching antics of Friday nite on Saturday I took a walk over to the dark side with a very strange movie, “Black Moan Snake.” It was one of those rather dark movies that doesn’t feed you the happily-ever-after type endings Hollywood is so fond of throwing at us.

I was feeling very anti-social this weekend (henceforth all the flick watching) and successfully managed to dodge Jigga’s many calls and smses trying to coerce me out of the house (thanks for trying hun, but eish, it was non-starter for sure). When I eventually emerged on Sunday, it was to get my ass thrashed at a game of tennis…again *sigh* The only consolation after suffering another humiliating defeat was that I found some fellow poker players, so plans are in motion for a much anticipated poker night, yay!.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

REM 911

My honey is under the impression that I take drugs! Which I don’t btw, well unless you count pharmaceutical ones but even those, I don’t pop them a la House-style with his Vicodin*

Anyway the reason I’m being accused of such leanings is cause my dreams are truly out of this world. I’ve actually taken to not telling people about my dreams anymore, cause a) People tend to think I’m making it up as I go along and b) I don’t need any more evidence stacked up against me to send me to the big white house on the hill with the padded walls!

Last night's dream involved me buying seven lovely kittens from someone in my old neighbourhood. One kitten was bright blue with very, very blue eyes, I called it Frankie after Old Blue Eyes himself, there was a bright pink one which I was trying not to call Pinky (for obvious reasons) and a black spooky looking one that I wasn’t even trying to name, it had shifty eyes. None of those online dream dictionary thingies have anything to help me explain what it all means.

The previous night’s dream was even stranger; my girl friends and I were partying on some pretty high roof tops, feeling like ninjas - or maybe we were ninjas…once again, WTF?

It’s no wonder I wake up knackered after a solid eight hours of decent sleep, my brain has clearly NOT been resting!

PS I see Peas is having a similar problem…

*Is there an actual painkiller drug called Vicodin coz the pharmaceutical company that deals with it is making a killing from free-ish advertising on that show!
** Okay I wikipedia’d it and there is a drug called Vicodin. All Hail the great Wikipedia :-)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Brother To The Night (A Blues For Nina)

"Who am I?
Well they all call me
Brother to the Night
And right now,
I'm the blues in your left thigh
Trying to become the funk in your right

Is that alright?"

Movie: Love Jones - Brother To The Night

Monday, October 01, 2007

Goodbye Miss Moneypenny

The actress, Lois Maxwell, who played Miss Moneypenny in most of the Bond movies has sadly passed. I do realise most people are generally wharried* for such info, but for some die-hard Bond fans like myself, it’s a bit of a blow mate.

Technically speaking Miss Moneypenny wasn’t a Bond girl per se, more like M’s secretary really. She did, however, embody all the necessary attributes of a Bond girl; easy on the eye, could kick some serious ass if the need ever arose andof course, had crazy chemistry with Bond himself**

At the tender age of 7yrs old, I was hell-bent on becoming a Bond girl especially after multiple viewings of Octopussy (those security chicks in the black S&M outfits were bad-ass mate), sadly, those dreams did not transpire as originally planned. Along the way, I derailed from the plan and now have settled on having the odd Martini, shaken not stirred, to console myself.

Weekend Update

Friday nite was a bit of write-off, have no idea what I did….eish.

Saturday I had the pleasure of dancing around The Rumbster’s living room, it beats dancing around my room by myself! For one, I am no longer the best dancer in the room, nothing like a little competition to get you to bust out a few moves. I also managed to polish off a whole bottle of red wine and successfully navigate my way home (this time I did manage to drive up the correct driveway).

Sunday I reinstated the tradition of fermenting*** and finally watched Layer Cake (that Daniel Craig is quite alright, although he does make a rubbish Bond!).

* wharried – couldn’t be bovvered :-)
** Just to state for the record, the TRUE James Bond is Roger Moore and not Sean Connery as some people like to claim, tsk tsk.
*** fermenting – doing fuck-all which involves hanging about in your pj’s and watching copious amounts of bad tv.