Friday, September 28, 2007


Oh heck, the day’s dragging and I feel like I’m in some hazy cocoon where everything is going much slower than it really should! With the onset of all things summery my allergies have kicked in and my hay fever is now working overtime! The antihistamines I’m taking work really well, a little too well actually, the only downside is that they are the do-not-operate-heavy-machinery kind so I have this permanent half-glazed expression on my face, I am just this short of freaking drooling I’m so out of it. This would be a good time to call it a day, head home and back under the covers!

So in the hope of keeping myself awake, I am devising all sorts of ways to keep myself awake. One of which is writing a list of things I need to find, get or do, unlike my more wishful thinking type lists, this one is rooted in reality and are easily achievable to find, get or do.

My list so far goes like this:

1. Find someone to play poker with. My fabulous poker teacher has since absconded to the northern climes leaving me in the lurch somewhat. Poker is so much fun, but unlike Solitare, I can’t play it alone so holla if you “know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em”

2. Get exercising! All that hotel living and generally being treated like a princess for the last nine weeks has caught up with me :-)

3. Finding someone to salsa/jive/waltz with and somewhere to do it! My dance fever has struck after I caught some dance routines on that show, “So You Think You Can Dance” last night;

4. Need to clear my wardrobe of clothes, with so much storage space I’m still running out of freaking room…I’m a bag lady, can’t throw anything away;

5. Purchase or download all 3 Freshlyground CD’s, I’ve hated on them long enuff, I’ll finally admit they’re damn good; and,

6. Pick one hobby and stick to it, at least for 3mths at a time, I have 6 concurrent projects that have yet to be finished.

Okay, let me go, I’ve The ‘Itis bad and actually need to do some work now, boo!

Have a lovely weekend,

V x

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Joe Blizzle fo' Shizzle said...

Hey my baby, hope you're feeling better by now. Sha, I drank tap water the other day and I was man down. If you feel like pokering ... bring your money!!!

Ko I heard you need some work done, what did you do?

Vimbai said...

H-town tap water is a KILLAH...really, everytime i sip it bad, bad things happen! Lol

Are you any good at pokering? The first few games have to be money free coz eish, i'm not to lose the little that i have :-)

Will holla in the week, just need some technical IT help.