Monday, September 10, 2007

New Low

I'll be the first to admit that i have indeed reached a super new low!

The rumours are indeed true...i am HOOKED on Big Brother Africa 2.

As a rule, i detest reality shows! What peeves me the most is that you can't escape them, channels like MTVBase/Europe and VH1 are more reality shows than actual music (i can't remember the last time i saw a music video...hehehe, okay i am exaggerating, but you get my drift).

However, what started as morbid curiosity as to what the hype around BBA 2 is about has morphed into a full-blown love affair :-) I have no idea what got me hooked; Kwaku's strange duty-free accent, Bertha's prudish behaviour when we all know better, Tatiana's ribs *shudder*...eish, hameno. All i know is that i need my daily hit!

There have been some tell-tale signs that i am well and truly hooked, some of them being;

1. I talk about the housemates as though they are mates of mine, mid-way through a conversation with a real-life buddy i will drop a line like, "So Maureen is looking skinnier than usual, i really wish she'd eat properly." This is usual received in silence, with a "WTF" expression to go with;

2. After a late nite out instead of shuffling off to bed like a normal person would do, i convince myself that i just want to watch 10mins of BBA...only to find myself still sitting on the couch in fetal position 2hrs later staring at the box all bleary-eyed;

3. Social engagments are shuffled around Nomination and Eviction day Some segments have to be watched in real-time, no PvR'ing for me;

4. For the last week i've had a recurring dream where i am in the house, up for nomination but eventually don't get evicted, yay!; and,

5. I have strongly considered attending the eviction party for Bertha when she eventually gets kicked out - so sad, but oh-so true!

Should the men in white coats pick me up and drag me to house in the hills with padded walls, i only ask this, that they leave me with a tv where i can watch my beloved Big Brother Africa 2.

30 something days gone, another 60-odd to go!


Anonymous said...

But hon you already live in a house on the hill - just need the walls padded. Maybe pop that decorator chic a call - LOL

Vimbai said...

Haha, and you think you're quite cute isn't, lol