Wednesday, September 12, 2007

David thumps Goliath!

I am MAD chuffed!
I cannot contain my glee and pride.

Don't ask me how many overs or runs Zimbabwe won by, coz honestly, when it comes to sports technicalities that's what my honey is there for. All i know...and saw (yup, i even watched the game) is that we freaking won!

With Cape Town's drizzling rains threatening to spoil the happy ending and all that nail biting, i am just thrilled we kept it together and won!

The game had a classic David vs Goliath theme to it! The team that had all but faded into dubious obscurity brought it home and WON (yes, i am going to say that word a lot; won, won, won, won *vim does a little jig*)

It's just so fabulous for my lovely country to be associated with good FANTASTIC, POSITIVE news...eish, it's been a while!


lebogang said...

I'm also mad excited about Zim winning! I feel so proud (I think I was Zimbabwean in a previous life).
"that's what my honey is there for"? Who is this honey you speak of. Explain yourself... (please note: an e-mailed response will be accepted due to the sensitive nature of this question).

Vimbai said...

You were indeed a Zimbo in a past lifetime, hehe.

Long-ish email coming your way :-) *ahem* don't you owe me an update too, mmmh?

Joe Black said...

Booo Twenty-20 cricket, sucks on so many levels I can't begin to hate it ...

Vimbai said...

Aren't you supposed to being doing the Haka young man, return to your rugby :-P