Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Alter Egos anyone?

I have a theory that Superman was Clark Kent’s alter-ego, there was no actual Superman but in Clark’s little head, he was the business! Kinda like Ed Norton’s character in Fight Club (although, if your alter-ego looks like Brad Pitt, you’re quite alright in my books!)

Anywho, the other day I caught a snippet of some interview with Ms Knowles where she was going on and on about how on stage she’s this whole other person, some alter-ego called Sasha! At this point I was throwing things at the tv whilst simultaneously trying to change channels on the remote. Now I love Beyonce more than most, but trying to blame her “alter-ego” for her ama-raunchy-raunchy dance moves and scantily-clad outfits, come on Bee, we all smell a rat!

This got me thinking about alter-egos. I knew a guy back in varsity that after a few beers was a COMPLETELY different person, the change was so drastic, I swear you’d think it was another person that those in his inner circle of friends found it fitting to give this ‘other him’ a new name*. My close friends have also christened me with an alter-ego nickname after events that I would rather not go into over the world wide web. Now this “me” isn’t all that different from the day-to-day me, it’s just me x 1000! I don’t blame my alter-ego for anything I get up to (or do I) coz we all have to be accountable unlike Ms Knowles. However, I have noticed that my alter-ego has taken to resurrecting when;

a) I have had one too many Fantas, yes, Fantas. Not Gin, Not Whiskey, Not Stroh-rum (lol) but Fanta of all things!
b) The month of July is behind us - with winter officially over in the Southern Hemisphere, my alter-ego rises from lying dormant only when the sun is shining at its brightest and warmest;
c) Eye-candy enters a room (no explanation needed); and,
d) It’s the month of December…don’t ask, but that’s when all sorts of nonsense occurs.

Any of you out there with alter-ego’s with a story of their own? Please share :-)

*Sadly, I suspect his alter ego was way more fun than he was sober *ouch*.


Anonymous said...

I reckon I have some information as to the appearance of your alter ego...

- Akon

Anonymous said...

LOL! Finally we have a name and a reason for it.


Vimbai said...

Akon - i need empirical evidence...pictures, on second thoughts, NO pictures, lol.

Wazzie: You need no reason , i think you and your alter ego are at one my love!

Gugu Mary Tizita said...

I like you alter egos...i have several myself....the latest one is G-Mack...he he he. I think your alter ego and mine are trouble!!!!

Eish, the picture of the chocolate cake is making me hungry!

Vimbai said...

Mmmmh, how about your OTHER alter-ego i am acquainted with, Svetlana!