Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Out of Order...for now anyway!

Sadly, what happens in"vegas" doesn't necessarily stay in "vegas"...this goes for the hectic flu-strain-turned-chest-infection i caught during my good-living over the past 5/6 days. Nothing, i repeat, NOTHING is worse than flying when you are blocked, feverish and generally not in a good state. By the grace of God, i didn't have anyone sitting next to me on my flight back, just as well, while boarding the plane i could see people sending celestial requests so they didnt have to end up next to me...heck, i didnt want to sit next me.

Anywho, thanks to the powers of modern medicine what-what i am on the mend, but have still been relegated to some excessive bed-rest and relentless drinking of fluids (can someone explain how the heck drinking loads of water helps...i just want a scientific explanation). I also have John van de Ruit's spectacular sequel to Spud, ie "Spud...The Madness Continues" to keep me company. It's so hilarious, alas this works against me coz i end up in a coughing fit after every page.

The trip was great...had many, MANY mojitos, bought some amazing shoes (i have way too many shoes as is, what the heck!), danced up a storm, met some delectable eye-candy - yum! So i guess the bedrest is justified coz i lost a lot of sleep over those 5/6 days.

BIG SHOUTOUT: To my baby sister on her birthday today. Love you poppet!


Star said...

Hmmmmm, and pray tell WHO was the eye candy you met???

lebogang said...

Good question, Star. We're all ears (eyes) :-)
Sorry about your flu, Vim - but, as you said, the bed-rest is probably a blessing in disguise after the hecticness of the Jozi weekend. Besides, you've got excellent company. The new Spud rocks!!

Vimbai said...

Star: We all know who the eye-candy was! Eish, i have a feeling i'm gonna be shot for mere mention of eye-candy...speaking of which, HOW are things *nudge nudge*

Lebo: Ask your friend all about the eye-candy and tell her to get a move on it, hehehe. Joburg life is too much for me sha, thankfully i am done with all the bedrest..and i co-sign that, new Spud is the ONE!