Friday, August 31, 2007

Far from the Madding Crowd

In a desperate bid to escape the madness of the bright city lights (ZESA permitting), I am retreating up into the mountains for what I hope will be a cleansing and soulful experience. There is nothing like the pure mountain air to gain some fresh perspective on life! (read: Lots of drinking games, drunken golf and gambling at the casino will have me right as rain in no time).

I fear I may have over packed for this trip but I am literally incapable of travelling light! I have at least two pairs of just-in-case shoes, although I will probably be living in one comfy pair all weekend, as history as shown I have tendency of doing. Despite these obvious behavioural patterns of mine, I have thrown caution to the window and stuffed in my mink coat for good measure….okay, there I am kidding, only just though.

My ideal weekend would be to be holed up in some luxurious cabin lodges with my good friends, drinking the night away, indulging in some spa treatments and not leave these cosy confines for anything. But NO, there always have to be some outdoorsy individuals in the bunch trying to rope everyone into going on some nature trail hike or horse back ride!

The great outdoors and I have never been at one, my idea of roughing it is ordering room service. However, I am forcing myself to broaden my horizons, so if a nature trail hike does come up, by golly, I’ll sign up. This reminds me, did I pack any hiking-ish boots, mmmmh?

Have a spectacular weekend people,

V x

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