Thursday, August 02, 2007

'Come sit on Mama's lap"

So am listening to my brand spanking new Chrisette Michele album and I really like it. She sounds like a modern day Ella/Nina/Billy, its wholesome; not one bad word or negative theme (pretty rare in this day and age) and it’s the kind of music that you have to listen to on a breezy, sunny day J

One of her songs mentions something about being a sugar mama which got me to thinking that sugar mama’s are getting a lot of airplay lately. What with my girl Beyonce also having a track with the same name (whilst she gyrates around a pole – I have no idea what the heck pole dancing has to do with the song though) and of course, how could we forget the beacon of all things sugar mama-rish, Ms Demi Moore.

As someone who’s snatched from the cradle too many times to count, I found myself asking, “Why?” What started off as a fluke occurrence back in varsity has morphed into a bit of a pattern. Believe me, I have never actively sort younger members of the opposite sex***, it just sort of happens (promise). It now happens way too regularly that I now suspect there must be a flyer going around that advertises that I am toy-boy friendly or something, mmmh. Either way, friends and family alike will be happy to hear that I’m now officially on a toy-boy detox of sorts (scouts honour!).

*** Before y’all start getting images of me camping out at Boys prep schools at lunchtime or something, when I say younger, I am talking 2-3yrs younger MAXIMUM here.


Anonymous said...

wega shaa
The W xx

Vimbai said...

Lol, something tells me you won't be weaning yourself anytime soon...hahaha.