Monday, August 20, 2007

Bachelorette's & Bhora!

I more convinced than ever I was meant to be a lady of leisure! Its not even 11am and I am ready to call it a day and head home to catch up on some much needed shut-eye.

Saturday afternoon I attended a friend’s bachelorette, ‘twas an experience of sorts. I have been to bachelorette’s/kitchen tea parties in the past, generally for people I don’t know (don’t ask), but there’s a common denominator running through all of them, you just never know how these events are going to end up.

There are two extremes for these parties: they are either very Christian-preachy, where vast amounts of scripture are spouted out to the bride-to-be or the event is really skanky where all manner of scandalous things are said and performed. The bachelorette I attended was smack-dead in the middle, a little preachy and whole lot scandalous! Its not every day you have 60yr old woman enthusiastically advocating the merits of all things sexual! If I hadn’t been on antibiotics I would have had many a stiff drink.

Sunday afternoon I braved the local Keg to check out some football matches. Wow, men take their bhora/football so seriously…a little TOO seriously if you ask me. Grown men looked like they were gonna cry if their team didn’t pull through, and those whose teams had won their games were squealing in delight like 4yr old girls. I am sadly one of those girls; the ones who have no clue about the off-side rule or how long half-time is (15 mins I was told rather emphatically, lol). I was there to do some research on the opposite sex (my results are inconclusive) and to perve over the gorgeous football players out on the pitch :-)

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