Friday, July 06, 2007

Umm...did i miss something?

I think i've just become a victim of racial profiling from a beggar/street person!!!??

Over lunch my co-worker and i decided to drive over to the local shopping centre and pick up bits and bobs for this HUGE bash this weekend ( i can't wait).

As i am parking my car i look outside and see the said beggar/street person working on the caucasian person in the car next me. Innoncently assuming i am next in line for the whole begging/pleading process i start rustling in my bag to find any loose change.

Lo and behold, does the beggar/street person, who is of coloured/mixed race/biracial origins just not hobble right past me, deliberately avoiding me and with a look of, dare i say it, disdain. He then goes on to work on the person in the car next to me, another person of caucasian origin, and is all smiles and enthusiasm. Once he's done there, he looks at me again and "sniffs" the air with such contempt before he hobbles off in search of another compassionate soul, preferably caucasian i'm guessing!

He clearly had noooooooooooooooooooooooo time for me, lol.

Now i'm really confused! What i want to know is when the hell did beggars become choosers?


Lebogang said...

Beggars are increasingly becoming choosers - it's bizarre! The incident you just described has happened to me enough times. I don't even bother to scratch around in my bag anymore.
Apparently in New York, they won't even accept leftovers. You know how when you don't finish your meal at a restaurant, you pack it in a doggy-bag and think you'll give it to an unfortunate soul on your way home? Well, not in New York you won't! They will flat out refuse because they do NOT do leftovers!
I suppose you could argue that they have to have their standards, no matter what their circumstances.

Vimbai said...

Come on! You're joking right! ANYONE would accept doggy-bag leftovers let alone a beggar, then these people are seriously not in need at all!