Monday, July 09, 2007

This Is Why I'm Hott!

Hehehehe, i am cracking myself up here (and not a Fanta in sight as the lead suspect for all things hyper-active on my part!). On the record, a hot water bottle is not the only reason i'm HOTT ;-)

So the city is currently running amock with every Tom, Dick and Chikwama buying up anything they can get their hands on since prices have been slashed on everything! I swear, shops are empty...or closed, tis crazy. The only good thing to come out of this (and i must tell you, its hard to find any good at this point) is that all those meals at those swanky, up-to-do places are going for a song. So if anyone wants to take me out for dinner *cough* *sharp nudge* holla at your girl!

The weekend was good, was made to watch some high school rugby on Saturday by my diasporian siblings, turned out to be a lot of fun...ended up cheering for the "enemy", in my defense the "enemy" had a stronger support base and way more fun war cries, "Tauya support!!!" I found myself singing many an obscene song and hurling insults worthy of a sailor *sigh*, reminded me of the war-cries sung at high school basketball matches!

Was then made to watch Wimbeldon (hela, what was with the sport this weekend). Venus and her dodgy weave won the day, yay and Federer won...again (i hardly watched this match coz the suspense was killing me, only so much squirming i can take).

Saturday nite: Joe Black on his blog described that nite the best, but i will provide a short summary. A lot of drink, some rather inventive dancing, women trying to pull their men away from other women (that was hilarious to watch), a DJ who only seemed capable of playing the first verse of any track (twas annoying), a very happy birthday boy and a lot of hungry looking dodgy blokes (always a sure bet at any party).

Sunday: Partook in the age-old family tradition of "Fermenting" which involves lounging around in one's pj's, eating and watching tv/dvd's all day until the sun has set, when bathing is then made mandatory!

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